Top Ten New Cars

We are living in an era where you cannot be motionless. You need to be dynamic to go further. There is zero tolerance to outdated things and it is when it comes to “cars” our point of view becomes stricter. Every year has a new design, model and style, why? As we want our vehicles to go with time.


Top ten new cars are enlisted here. This list is based on “just arrived” or “forthcoming cars” having reasonable price tags, swanky, chichi appearance and sturdy engine. I hope all those interested in new cars would enjoy this countdown. Here you go:-

Hyundai Veloster Turbo

It is a new car, launched in late summer 2012 with a price tag of $ 23,000 only. Veloster is a distinct looking hatchback with loaded features to offer.  The latest turbo has increased its speed a lot but made it a harsh ride too.


2014 Acura ILX

ILX is a perfect compact comfort ride. Although it does not offer high-tech features and keeps a smallish trunk yet it is a light-hearted luxury. Its cost you $ 29,200 with satisfactory safety but it is not as efficient as its rival are.


2014 BMW 3 Series

This new model is an entry-level ritzy hatchback. It is an all-rounder (sporty plus family oriented car).  It is fun to ride with lavish interior and posh seating. 3 Series is an all-wheel-drive with powerful engine and pleasant handling. Just grab it in $ 41,450 only.


SRT Viper

This slender lavish sporty embodies an inspiring outlook plus engine. It’s a all-new model with impressive performance plus exterior. SRT Viper is an attitude so it might be heavy on some pockets with price tag $ 120, 395.


Chevy Sonic

Chevrolet Sonic aka chevy is a blend of comfort, power, efficiency and style thanks to its makers who have done it all. Sonic has everything a sedan must carry but it has a little issue with the material used in its cabin. This fun-ride costs $ 20, 185.


Jaguar F-type Roadster

Jaguar is a “Just Arrived” car, released this summer 2013. It costs $ 60,000. It aluminum body helped in shedding weight but made it a pricy car. You could truly call it a “Sexy Sedan” just by looking it its unique design while it does not offer a good trunk.


Audi A3

Audi A3 is a saloon with inspiring engine, with a beautiful cabin and comfortable ride. A3 is a true marvel when it comes to suspension and control too. This hatchback arrived in late 2013 with sticker of $ 30,000.


2013 Jeep Liberty

Now after talking about so many sedans, let us take a look at this new jeep. Liberty is a loyal off-road drive ready to plunge into mud and mule paths. It has no significant noise of highways and top speed is 70 mph with a bit of harshness. This all-wheel-drive comes with V-6 engine powerful plus fuel-efficient. It costs $ 24,000 only.


2014 Mercedes Benz CLA

2014 Benz is a plush car with best interior and exterior along with having a sovereign engine and a bundle of features that appeal you. It is best for youngsters for it’s an overruling sporty saloon ready to gape all.


Porsche Macan

Pay $ 40,000 and latest Porsche Macan is yours. It is launching in the start of 2014 offering an authoritative V6 engine, smart-sporty outlook producing 290 horsepower with 2.0 Liter turbo. The upcoming SUV is promising to kill all with its vigilant fuel economy but will offer a little space than before.

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