Alpina D5 S
Autos ReviewsBMW

Reviewing the Alpina D5 S: The Twin Turbo

It is not just another tuner car rather the Alpina D5 S is the master of fast diesel and high performance car. The average looking car has an elegant body and some upgrade features that make it special.

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Tesla Model 3

What Tesla Model 3 is Bringing To The Autos Industry?

The newest Tesla Model 3 is smaller than the Model S and Model X. This bleeding edge tech is smooth
and quiet on the roads. It is the only model of the Tesla with such fast driving. It is designed with highest

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car deal
Car Buying Tips

How To Negotiate With The Car Dealer To Make an Agreement at Lower Price?

It is essential to set a deal at lowest price to buy a car as you have worked had to collect that amount or may applied for the loan to get your car. You can haggle over the best price with some simple and easy tricks and tips. You can negotiate over the figures but before you should know what to pay and what the car worth.

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Upgrade Your Car
Automotive TipsAutos Guide

Tips To Upgrade Your Car with New Technology

The car makers and technologies are giving the advance tech gadgets for the cars to make. It is not possible to buy a new expensive car to enjoy those comfortable features rather you can add some new technologies to the available model. Here are a few tech gadgets to add.

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Parking Tips for Drivers
Automotive TipsAutos GuideDriving Tips

Brilliant Parallel Parking Tips for Drivers

Parking a vehicle right is not that hard but still some people park it sloping. The correct positioning of the car makes space for others and keeping the parking organized. There are a few tips and steps to follow and you will be able to park even where there is less space. Move around and find a wide space for parking.

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Tips for Drivers
Automotive TipsAutos GuideSafety Tips

Amazing and Insane Tips for Drivers

Adjust the Mirrors Correctly

Experts believe that properly adjusted mirrors are must required for safety. The ideal positioning the car mirror is in a way that no part of the car appears in the mirror. It will negate the blind spots for safe driving. The mirror should be placed in a way that slightly overlaps the field of view in rear mirror.

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