Honda CR-V AWD EX-L NAV – Review

The Honda Company does not seize to amaze the vast marketing demand of this car producing manufacture. The Honda Company is able to produce endless results in cars and automobiles in terms of good quality and exponential details in the cars. The Honda Company is henceforth able to establish a steady link between the users who buy cars and people who sell them. The Honda CR-V 2013, is another Honda service car belongs to Honda CR Family. Honda’s cars have never seized to amaze the audience.

A review about the Honda CR-V has described it to be comforting and luxurious in its own way. It’s been known to be like that. The Honda CR-V is relaxing and descriptive which gives it the striking individuality that one might be looking for. It has been defined to be really capturing and elegant.


Interior and Exterior Honda CR-V AWD EX-L NAV

The interior and exterior design both have astounded the public equally. The Honda 2013 CR-V has gathered a lot of attention of the public, and fast too! However, several reports have described it to be expensive as well. They persist, that the factory manufacturing and retail cost is too much. People who have already bought or are thinking about it, say that they’re money has gone into making something that is completely worth it.

On the interior you will find, an alarm inside, along with incredible fog lamps and as if all of this was not enough, the Honda CR decided to include a back-up-camera, Auxiliary Power Outlet and a handy vehicle anti car theft system. For your cargo, Honda went an extra mile to give you an interior cargo shade, a luggage rack which is usually optional. The driver will find the interior of the car to be quite exquisite especially with the power steering wheel which will be hugging the smooth and soft leather; giving the driver quite the driving experience.

Entertaining Features

For entertainment purposes the Honda Company has added:

  • FM/AM stereo
  • CD player
  • A satellite radio
  • MP3 player
  • Premium sound system


Engine Performance

The car has an all wheel drive, a 4-cylinder engine, a good horse power and a torque of 163 at 4400. It has an automatic transmission. It also has a turning diameter of 37.3. The engine’s type is Gas 14, where as the displacement is 2.4L/144
The Honda people have further  added some safety features like air bags which are present for the side head and the rear head as well, child safety locks are present also, a stability control that is electronic and much more.

We hope that this article was helpful for you. Therefore we urge you to go ahead, and try it out. It’s certainly the best option for you!  So, choose today! Why waste your precious time trying out other cars, which aren’t even close to perfect or reasonable. A wise choice is to choose this car. It has so many features, which other cars do not have.

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