Safety and Emissions Check For Vehicles

In the United States of America, every registered motor vehicle is required by law to pass an official inspection every year. Only an official registered inspection station can provide the proper assessment for cars. It is also well worth mentioning that an inspection facility can only inspect vehicles in only one state. A car should be inspected in the state where it is registered in. Therefore, a vehicle that has New York license plates cannot be inspected anywhere else but a station in New York state.


The annual inspection usually consists of two parts. A safety inspection checks for any mechanical and other issues that could be considered real road hazards. All four wheels are removed in order to carefully check the condition of the brakes. Worn brake pads, calipers and rotors must be replaced or else an inspection will yield a fail result. Similarly, headlights and tail lights that do not work properly can also fail a safety inspection. Worn tires with very little tread remaining also constitute a reason for failing a motor vehicle safety inspection.

A quick check under the hood of a vehicle is also done to detect any major problems with the engine block and related parts. Some drive belts and hoses may need to be replaced before passing a safety inspection. A Pittsburgh state inspection is an example of an official motor vehicle test that’s done based on Pennsylvania law. An emissions inspection checks a vehicle’s exhaust system including the catalytic converters and muffles.

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