Kia Unveils Compact And Sporty Coupe Concept

Latest concept of Kia GT4 Stinger disclosed at an amazing Detroit Motor Show to serious commendation since the category of compact sports vehicle is going to look much more hot as compared to rest available in market. Among all best designs, execution of Kia’s design recommends automaker of South Korean has complete aim to create the GT4 Stinger in reality as an astonishing creation.


The 2+2 coupe concept of bright-yellow GT4 Stinger ruled the space of Kia at great Auto Show of Detroit. This daring design is marked with aggressive, vertical low-mounted LED headlights nearby signature of Kia as tiger-nose frame. Many more options that drive user’s attention are new-sloped appealing roofline, arrangement of double-exhaust and a scraped windscreen.


The design of car is intended to be as wrapped shrink over wheels, directed by characteristic framework of Kia with surround i.e., glowing-white and LED headlights embedded vertically. Front side of the car consists of a front carbon-fiber splitter and vents for cooling brake. Further design additions comprise pillars of transparent windshield with slots cut in layer shape, as well as a roof which seems to appear above back pillars.

Yet, complete details regarding four-door concept sedan have not came out or available anywhere, turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine powered in Kia GT4 Stinger by manufacturing a 315 hp. In addition, Kia expected to be utilizing a 6-speed manual transmission for providing power to the car’s back-wheels, again signifying it is produced from Genesis coupe by Hyundai. It was stated by Kia that in the front outlook, rolls of GT4 20-inch wheels are customized with brakes or cooled using vents.


Within car, according to photos there is a basic, not nonsense cabin, via rubber mats which replaces bucket seats and carpets. Also, there is a flat-bottomed navigation control wheel and tricky glass hatch is also present. For production type, yet Kia has to verify different plans. On the other hand, also it is safe to declare the GT4 explains Kia very close in range to green-lighting sports car. In conclusion, believe by experts that the direction of Kia GT4 Stinger concept new design is a physically powerful designs indication for future vehicles by Kia.

Rare Design

The back side produce glass panel with hidden LED taillights via black panel present in the surrounding of rear bumper, above ports of twin-exhaust. The paint color of yellow GT4 Stinger is called “Ignition Yellow” in real.
Within the idea, molded leather bucket seats are present above a rubber mat, by pedals of billet-aluminum and a steering wheel is present underscoring intentions of racing car. To a certain extent than interior handles of door, straps are pulled with half century recalled sports cars before like shortage of any audio system.

As GT4 Stinger called by Kia as concept only, industry says that there is a long history of d production of many vehicles as well as strong similarity has been tolerated up to preceded concept, and possible challenging glimpse is offered by GT4 Stinger into future of Kia.

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