Mercedes-Benz warranties and you

Mercedes-Benz has earned it’s reputation not only as one of the world’s leading car makers, but as a lead seller of luxury life style autos. There’s no secret that Mercedes vehicles are some of the most expensive, yet most often sought out after cars in today’s market. The price tag doesn’t just stop at the dealership however, as they also have one of the biggest reputations for being the most costly auto’s to repair. Thankfully, all new and certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz’s come with a warranty. If you are an owner, how can you make sure you are always in agreement with Mercedes’ warranty? Well I’m here to tell you!


The first and most important thing to maintaining your Mercedes warranty is to perform your regularly schedule maintenance. This can be in the form of oil changes, break inspections, tire rotations, and other general inspections that the casual driver may not think about. To remedy this situation, it’s always best to visit a certified Mercedes’ mechanic, who will have your appointments put into a Calendar and who you can use a reference point if anything ever does decide to go wrong.

Secondly, it’s important to always bring in your Benz for repairs as soon as it’s needed –which if you happen to be in North Carolina, we suggest Greensboro’s certified Mercedes Benz repair center. Because of their first-class and industry leading, there’s no reason for this not to happen because unlike most other warranties, Mercedes’ covers all warranty repairs 100% — meaning no deductible or out of pocket cost to you, the customer. This is true for both the brand new Mercedes’ warranties, and the certified pre owned warranties as well. Building on that point, if do happen to own a certified pre-owned Mercedes, you automatically get a 7 day/500 mile warranty that says you can bring it back at any time, and trade for another model of equal or greater value (as long as you are willing to pay the difference).

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