Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Grand Tour

On 7th May 2013, a rally of 350 cars is set off to take part in the Lamborghini 50th anniversary Grand Tour towards “Forte Die Marmi”. The starting point of the Grand Tour was the Parc Ferme , Milan which is the capital of Italian fashion, finance and design. The Italian luxury automaker started its work in 1963 and now this year the brand turned 50 years old. At its 50th birthday, Lamborghini organized its largest gathering that is a drive of 350 cars to about 750 miles in six days. The 350 cars are not offered by the Italian company but in fact the owners of 350 cars from 29 different countries to make the tour memorable and to tribute the Italian brand for its matchless performance.


The tour was a great fun as different enthusiasts represented their countries. The participants are from Italy, New Zealand, Kuwait, Switzerland, Germany, China, America, France, Lebanon, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Ireland, Norway, Austria, Indonesia, Portugal, Taiwan, Ukraine, Netherland, United Kingdom and Canada.

Participants are from a lot of Countries

In the Lamborghini 50th anniversary grand tour, 71 vehicles participated from the UK, over 30 vehicles from Italy, Switzerland and Germany, 17 vehicles from China and 21 from USA. The youngest participant in the grand tour was about 22 years born in 1991 whereas the oldest participant was from France for 75 years. In the rally some historic models of the Lamborghini are appeared including 15 Countaches, 17 Miuras, 21 Diablos, 123 Gallardos (the best selling car of the brand), three 350 GTS, one LM 002, eight Espadas, five 400 GTs, 36 Murcielagos, 6 Urracos and 2 Jaramas.


The May 11th was the end day of the grand tour of the Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. The parade passed through different beautiful and historic cities of the Italy. On the last day of the tour, the participants arrived at the historic headquarters of the company in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The participants visited the Lamborghini’s factory and museum. For the participants of the grand tour, Lamborghini organized lots of events like dinner and an entertaining gala.

Lamborghini Egoista – A Hyper Car

At the event, Lamborghini also unveiled a concept of a new car Egoista that is a hyper car resembles a fighter jet in shape and looks with a powerful performance and innovative interior. The new concept is a gift from the brand to those who want to enjoy driving dynamics in their own way expressing their personality. This was one of the best ever celebrations of an automaker. The grace, pride and charm of the grand tour and the 50th anniversary celebrations seen by the world.


The Luxury car brand introduced a new way to express their joy, happiness and success as well as they invites their fans and enthusiasts to join and express their love. The Luxury brand received lots of best wishes and love for their efforts from their lovers all around the globe and so we can also expect that the company will perform well in coming years and will never disappoint its fans.

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