Hybrid vs Electric Car: Which One Is The Best Choice?

For a while, a hybrid electric and gas-powered car was the big thing among those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Hybrid vs Electric Car

They were all the rage with the Prius leading the way. They are great because you can really stretch every drop of gas so you can avoid filling up too often.

Then the electric cars started gaining traction. Tesla not only found a great way to market them, but they also improved a lot of things that people didn’t like about them. The batteries are much better giving them a better range and they have a lot of power compared to earlier models.

So, now the choice is kind of difficult. Suddenly there is a choice between two great options. Of course, they each have pros and cons so you have to put them side by side in a comparison to determine which one is best for you.

In this article, that is what we’ll do. We’ll give you something to think about when it comes to these two very different options.

Pros of Hybrids

Though electric cars are getting easier to find, just about every maker has a hybrid version of their models. So a big advantage is how much easier it is to buy exactly what you are looking for in a car. Whether you are looking at Karl Malone Toyota or any other dealer in your area you are likely to find a hybrid that suits your style and needs.

The next most obvious advantage is the range. Since you aren’t using just the car batteries, but also the combustion gas engine, it can go a lot longer than an electric before refilling.

Many new hybrids shut the engine off anytime you are coasting or at a stop. Then it kicks back in as soon as you need to accelerate. This saves a lot of gas as it only uses gas when needed. In fact, the gas engine won’t kick on until the power needed to accelerate is greater than what the batteries can provide.

Probably the biggest advantage is that it does take gas, however. When you are getting low you can go to any gas station and fill up in minutes. The battery charges itself as you drive so you don’t have to plug in. This means that you don’t have to be so careful about your mileage as you don’t have to wait for it to charge. Though there are some hybrids available now that have the ability to charge so you use even less gas than ever.

Hybrid Cons

The biggest disadvantage to owning a hybrid car is the cost of maintaining it. Since there are two engines the cost to service them and do repairs, as well as the parts involved can drive the prices higher than a traditional or even electric car.

It’s probably also going to be difficult to find a service station that does the kind of specific repairs required.

Oddly enough considering that they have gas power, they are not as powerful as electric cars. They don’t have the same amount of torque so they take longer to accelerate. Since the gas engine is smaller than a traditional it can’t even be compared. And batteries in the full electric are different so they provide instant power.

Then there is a lack of incentives. You simply don’t get any tax breaks like they used to offer back in the early days of hybrid cars. Back then there was no other sustainable option so they took up all the incentives to wean people off of gas-powered cars.

Pros of Electric Cars

If you are trying to get your carbon footprint as close to zero as possible then the electric version of your favorite car is the way to go. Though they are not 100% clean since many electricity providers are still using coal to fire up their plants, it is still much better than the impact that using fossil fuel-based engines create.

They also pollute far less since the only emissions come from the plant that supplied the electricity and not the car itself. So, if there are more electric vehicles on the road, then this will go a long way to reducing the environmental costs of cities that used to have terrible air quality.

Even though it would seem that they would be difficult to maintain, they truly are much cheaper to run. The repairs are few and far between since there are no real moving parts of an engine.

Driving an electric car is a true pleasure since they are very quiet and smooth. There is no vibration that comes with a combustion engine so they feel better when you are in one for a long time, too. Since the vibrations of driving are what cause driving fatigue.

Cons of Electric Cars

Price. That’s the first thing people think of when they consider buying an electric car. Tesla owns the field when it comes to class and what people’s expectations of luxury are when it comes to driving electric, but the fact is that the high price is only half true, there are other makers out there that don’t cost as much.

The next thing they think of its range. Typically you will get under 300 miles before needing to recharge. Again, the reality is not quite as bad as it seems since many people only rarely need to drive 300 miles at a stretch. Most people are just running around locally in their car so the range is a non-issue.

Then there is the time it takes to recharge. This is an actual issue as it takes many hours to fill the batteries.


Both have their pluses and minuses and it is impossible to say which is better as everybody’s needs and budgets are different. One thing is for sure, whichever one you get you will enjoy as they have come leaps and bounds from what they both were years ago.

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