10 Ways To Winter-Proof Your Car

It’s coming up to that time of the year again. For the sake of your sanity and mine, there will be no G.O.T quotes tossed about carelessly. Winter, in all her icy glory, will indeed be arriving sooner than you think. You’re running out of time if you want to do your best to protect your car from the icy tundra that is approaching.

The most important part is to make sure that your car is safe to drive on the winter roads.

Luckily, if you’re quick, there are still these ten things that you can do now to make it easier to drive around during the coldest months of the year:


1. Battery Care

The power output from your car’s battery decreases as the temperatures drop. The recommended battery size to use is 600 CCA or above; to help your vehicle manage during the colder months.

If your battery is this size already but hasn’t been replaced in a long time, then you need to consider replacing it sooner rather than later. Older batteries put you at risk of dealing with breakdowns, and those are less than ideal if it’s a dark and cold night.

2. Seasonal Tires

If you haven’t already had a set of winter tires fitted, now is the time to do so. Switching to winter tires is necessary; particularly, if you live in an area that experiences bitterly cold winter temperatures. These specific tires increase your car’s ability to grip the road when it is covered in ice, snow, and slush.

If you live in an area that doesn’t have such intense winter temperature drops, you can consider having all-season tires fitted. The rubber compound in standard tires hardens when the temperature drops below freezing. That will significantly decrease your ability to drive safely.

3. Optimize The Heat During Trips

Cars warm up faster when they are on the road, but it is always a good idea to warm up your vehicle before you drive, especially diesel vehicles. The next way to efficiently heat your vehicle during winter is to park it in the sun whenever possible.

The best way to warm up your car quickly is to shield it from the coldest temperatures. Always park your car in a garage, this enclosed space will help to block out the ice, rain, and snow. With that part handled, your car will heat up a lot quicker.

4. Buy A Car Cover

If you have just bought yourself a gorgeous new car from the Royston GA car dealerships, you will want to make sure that is it well looked after. If you have ever had to scrape ice and snow off a vehicle, then you will know what an absolute pain in the neck it is – not to mention a complete waste of your precious time!

Avoid having to do this tiring chore by investing in a car cover. This cover will prevent the snow and ice from building up on your car – it will also keep it looking brand new for so much longer.

5. Fit Stronger Wiper Blades

Believe it or not, you can get winter wiper blades for your car – and you should! These specially designed blades are engineered to withstand frigid temperatures and are tear-resistant. They are fitted with a rubber shell which prevents a build-up of snow and ice. Which also makes them much stronger than regular blades.

6. Protect Your Side Mirrors

If you don’t have heated side mirrors, this tip is for you. Scraping ice off of a side mirror is a complex task because the scraping moves the mirror. To prevent this from happening to your side mirrors, cover them carefully with a cover or a plastic bag that is secured with rubber bands. This will help to keep your mirrors clear and shielded from the elements.

7. Use The Right Wiper Fluid

During winter, you need to ensure that you are using the right wiper fluid in your car. There are specially designed wiper fluids that greatly improve your visibility when you’re driving in the cold. They can do this because they are made with specific chemicals that melt ice and frost much faster than regular wiper fluid.

8. Have Your Car Waxed

The colder temperatures do a number on your car’s paintwork and, after time, will completely dull its shine. That will, unfortunately, make your vehicle susceptible to rusting, and no one wants a rusty car.

To keep your car protected throughout the winter season, you should have your car thoroughly waxed before the temperatures start to drop.

These fluids are made to provide extreme protection from icy temperatures. They often contain alcohol that lowers the overall freezing temperature of the fluid.

9. Invest In A Winter Safety Kit

Winter Safety Kits need to be a must-have for any car! These useful kits can make a life-or-death difference during the icy season. You can find them online or put one together yourself.

You will need things like non-perishable foods, a bag of sand and a shovel, an extra jacket, extra socks, an ice scraper, flares, matches, a first aid kit, a torch and spare batteries, and a pair of waterproof boots.

10. Become A Better Driver

The best tip for preparing your car for winter driving is to become a better driver. Never drive when you’re distracted or under the influence, and don’t speed. You will need to drive slowly and smoothly on wet or slippery roads.

Consider taking an advanced winter driving course, if possible, here you can learn important driving techniques.
Examples of these techniques include what to do if you start sliding, what speed you should drive at, what the correct stopping distance is between vehicles as well as tips and tricks for driving uphill and downhill.

To End

The truth is, no one likes driving during the coldest months, but it is something that most of us will have to learn to live with. By protecting your vehicle and yourself, you will make things so much easier for you and all the drivers around you.

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