Tips For Taking Your Jeep Off-Roading

Once you upgrade to owning a Jeep, it feels like you can take on any conditions. That’s why so many Jeepers prefer to take their vehicles off-road. After all, the rig is designed for it, so why not see what it can do? However, if you’re still new to the off-roading experience, there are a few considerations that you have to make before you head out. From Jeep bumper packages to four-wheel suspension parts, here’s how to ensure that you get the most out of your adventure.

Step One: Do Some Research

Not all Jeeps are the same. As such, it’s crucial that you learn to understand your ride before you put it in an extreme situation. How does it handle on corners? What’s your ground clearance? When do you need four-wheel drive activated?

These are the questions you want to answer. We recommend that you find some empty roads and do a few practice runs first. Take some sharp turns and see how it handles on different terrain (i.e., mud, gravel, grass) so that you can learn to feel these changes and adjust your driving accordingly.

Step Two: Upgrade Your Tires

Chances are that you are driving around on a set of wheels that are designed for asphalt. This means that once you hit a patch of mud or sand, you’ll be slipping and sliding all over the place. It’s better to get a set of off-road tires so that you can maintain traction throughout your excursion. Also, you can switch back and forth to extend the life of both sets.

Step Three: Consider a Lift and Suspension Upgrade

If your Jeep doesn’t have much ground clearance, or if the suspension is not built for off-roading, you may wind up damaging parts beyond repair. If you’re serious about dabbling in this activity, then a lift kit and a new suspension system will be excellent investments.

Bottom Line

Overall, the best thing to do is prepare yourself and your Jeep as much as possible. Don’t forget things like an emergency kit, as well as first aid materials. Chains and tow cables are also a good idea if you plan on getting into some rough terrain. Just don’t jump into anything blind.

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