Lotus Motorcycles C-01 – Review

After looking the first disclosed pictures of the Lotus Motorcycles C-01, you will speculated if it’s set back, shape which is similar to sport cruiser  was surely suitable for a motorcycle having some link with Colin Chapman and the well-known of company “Increase lightness” mantra. There are some official images of bike which you have seen in many different schemes of color, which contains gold and black, different which look like Martini livery, it will appear best.

Possibly you must not be amazed that the C-01 is not a personification of the Lotus character, the company which is proposes to form it is not at all a lotus, its producers tuner Holzer group and German racing firm Kodewa, just get the certificate of sports car producer of British. Daniel Simon intended it, which previously accessed for Bugatti and work for Volkswagen he is a guy attributed with producing the regenerated Tron Light Cycles.

Yet, viewing earlier its doubtful tradition, however the C-01 appears good-looking darn overwhelming, and there’re several exciting moments which make you seeing onward to the manufacture form that is supposedly owed in the following two months.

As estimated, it has 200 horsepower, because of a KTM 1 improved version, and engine is 195-cc V-twin. It has chassis which is prepared of steel, carbon fiber and titanium, among height of seats approximately 28-inches. Its wheelbase is approximately 65-inches, and 10-inches lengthier than an actual superbike’s street-permitted.
In addition its facade end is collected far-out ahead among wheel of 19-inch. Each measurement means you must not presume plentiful racetrack ability, except if rider of it’s merely looking to go straight. To be sure, among a statement less than 400 pounds dry weight of the C-01 Lotus Motorcycles should be massive rapid-down the quarter mile.

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