Kia Soul Kicks Things Up A Notch With New Engine And Upgrades

Is the new Kia Soul, a crossover or a small station wagon? Pushing the boundaries of car model classification, what can be said for sure is that it is a unique vehicle that has a funky look and a cool, innovative engine. It’s not traditional-looking or traditionally-built car; the Kia Soul stands out in the crowd and is making car buyers take a second look at the Kia brand.

The Kia Soul is nothing new, but it hasn’t exactly hit the mainstream market just yet. But the introduction of the new Kia Soul just might kick things up a notch for this smaller car manufacturer. It’s not exactly a station wagon like your parents used to drive or a newfangled crossover; it has a design all its own, and it owns it with vigor.

The reviews are in, and it looks like the new turbocharged engine is better than ever before and far outweighs the competition. Starting at just $23,000, the 201hp packs more power than other cars in the same class. This is a great starter car for a college grad, or someone looking to downgrade and go with an economical ride; the Kia Soul delivers hip without all the hype.

There are many additional upgrades like the seven-speed clutch with a dual transmission that behaves more like an automatic transmission and takes all the guesswork and extra effort out of driving around the city. You don’t have to lay as heavily on the clutch as you do with other models because it transitions smoothly.

Many who have traveled in the Kia Soul say that it is a luxury ride without the luxury price. The gas mileage isn’t totally awesome at 28.2 mpg, but it’s still a fairly economical ride. For a crossover, that type of mileage is standard to above average, and it provides just as much space and functionality. The best part about the Kia Soul is that although it’s spacious, you can still park it in some pretty tight and compact places, which most other SUV crossover manufacturers have not achieved in their designs.

With a racier look than previous models, the front end was constructed to look sleeker and have more air efficiency. A little less intimidating than older Kia models, it also has a top trim level that makes it look sporty. The stripe on the body also makes it appear more adventurous and less boxy than ever before.

It’s the best of both worlds — the new Kia Soul isn’t a big car, but it has a big-car “feel” and lets you transport all you need for daily use. The passenger area is comfortable and roomy, so your passenger doesn’t feel like they have their knees to the dash, like other Kia models sometimes make you feel. The backseat is extensive, too, which is great for the entire family when you head out either for a long trip or just across town.

Although the base price is set at $23,000, to get the upgrades that aren’t basic you will have to invest more. The mats aren’t included, but they only cost $125, so it is just the little things that can start to add up. The interior, however, comes with a cloth and leather mix, which is an excellent base addition that you usually have to upgrade to get.

Things like heated steering wheels and seats are all extras, but are not all that expensive. And it costs just about $3000 to get the total integrative technology package, which includes a 7-inch screen display and a rearview camera. Even without paying for it, you get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so you don’t really need to pay for the navigation system.

As a great compact car with a large feel, the Kia Soul is an excellent buy for someone who wants a new car and the warranty that comes with it. With fairly good gas mileage, room for everyone and a sleeker design than before, it just might have the ability to get more people on the Kia bandwagon. A more modern design will attract a younger audience, and the engine will keep them moving quickly.

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