Is The Diesel Tuning Best For Engine Performance.

There are many theories related to the diesel engine tuning. In some people’s opinion, it does not work; however, experts have proved that it works more efficiently after the tuning. But the only condition is to get it done via a professional group like ecu remapping and many more.

How does it work?

Gone are the days when diesel engines were only confined to the heavy machines like trucks and Lorries etc, but today it has a larger market. In fact, the best cars of today come with a diesel engine under the hood.


Diesel engines are powerful and the turning done on them empowers them even more. Remapping is also a good option. For understanding how tuning works for it, you must understand the working of diesel engine first.

An electronic system controls a latest Diesel engine today, managing its fuel injection. The auto’s ECU controls the sensors placed in it. These are processed earlier than the wink of an eye even to keep the vehicle working at a favorable level and to keep the emissions balanced too.

Now what magic the diesel tuning box keeps is that it cuts off the signals between the injection system and the ECU; allowing it to inject a better amount of gas into the cylinders that churns out more power plus torque; thus the engine starts running more conveniently. The wheel’s gas mileage also improves as you are using lesser fuel and throttle after the tuning.

How diesel engine works?

It works by drawing air into the cylinder (compression), the air is then compressed to reach a high temperature; and fuel is injected, when its piston is closer to the peak stroke. It catches fire because of the high air pressure; it generates energy for driving the piston down and moving the wheels and crankshafts.

Many times extra air is left inside the combustion chambers and sometimes the percentage of air left as much as 50 percent. Therefore, when the extra fuel is given, more power and torque is generated.

Its major container is called the “Common Rail”; its job is to bring injectors separately with the fuel. Fuel at high-pressure could also be stored in it. This makes it possible to have a higher injection pressure even at lower speed. It gives fine fuel disintegration, resulting in a cleaner combustion. The fuel supply is independent of engine speed since it is controlled individually at every stage.


The fuel injection in the latest common rail system is more controlled at an early stage. The car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) works like a brain for this system that electronically gapes all the injectors, this gape is working like a signal here, so within seconds it sustains the automobile’s working effortlessly by keeping the economy plus emissions at practicable rates.

The ECU involves a map also that is designed to inform the injection system about the engine’s settings, speed and amount of fuel injected etc.

Therefore, when the tuning box is switched into your car, it automatically analysis the ECU indications and alters them; this alters the injector’s opening/closing time that helps the injection of the right amount of fuel getting in.

Hence, it proves that tuning your diesel engine is best for its performance.

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  1. Scott Reply

    I had no idea that tuning the diesel engine could help your car run at the best performance possible. I can see why it would be important to be aware of this if you own or are thinking of owning a diesel car. My dad has always wanted to get a truck. If he thinks about getting one with diesel fuel, I’ll have to make sure he is aware of the importance of having the engine tuned.

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