How To Stay Safe Buying A New Car

Buying your first car, or is this perhaps your second or third? I wouldn’t blame you for going for a used car. Used cars have plenty of benefits. First of all they’re cheaper than new cars. Better yet, you’re not always going to get an old banger if you’re buying used.

Sure they’ll have seen a few long car trips. Not only that but probably their fair share of wear and tear. They can still be reliable though. Just be prepared in case of a breakdown. We’re getting ahead of ourselves then. What should you look for when it comes to a used car seller then?

Let’s have a look.


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The first choice you have to make is buying from a retailer or buying from an individual. Buying from an individual can mean anything from buying from a friend or relative to answering an ad in the paper. This can be tricky overall.

You might get a better car or a better deal than at a dealership. Of course, the seller has less liability that a dealership. This is something you need to think very hard about before you commit.

If possible, ask for a test drive. If something drastic is wrong with it, you’ll know. If nothing seems to be wrong at first glance, as if you can take it in for a checkup at a garage. This’ll be at your own expense though. It may be worth it for peace of mind.

Always ensure the car is road legal before you buy though. Make sure the paperwork is completely in order as well. The last thing you want is an issue with the law for just buying a used car.

With a dealership like, you’re at least getting a level of reliability. Even if you’re not totally convinced by any word of mouth, you can always go and check their standing online.

The internet is a vital tool for this. You can check numerous review sites for stories and ratings from former customers. This should be good to weed out waste of time dealerships.

A few bad reviews does not make a bad business though. Sometimes you’ll find that in used cars you can’t always get it right. There will be problems, that’s the nature of used cars.

Overall what you’re looking for is reliability. You want that above all else. This goes for both who you’re buying from, and the car itself. Don’t allow yourself to get fooled by someone who is going to screw you over. Don’t allow yourself to buy a bad car either.

While you need to do research to establish how much you can put your trust in the seller, you also need to trust your instinct. If something feels off about the deal itself or the car, don’t buy it. The first instinct is usually correct. Just go in with an open mind, but stay skeptical.

As long as you keep your head you should be fine. It’s easier than you might think. Drive safe.

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