Going for Gold — Nissan’s Plans to Corner the Saudi Arabian Market in 2014

As car manufacturers start to see more and more pots of gold in the Middle East, one company that’s turning to the region is Nissan and is steadily working on becoming a dominant presence in Saudi Arabia. The Japanese automaker is implementing several plans to get people walking into the Nissan dealerships and boost sales. Here’s how.

More Choices

Enhancing brand popularity has become a major consideration for many automotive companies. This is especially true for Nissan, as they aim to have the top makes and models in many of categories, including SUVs and compact cars. Their new sales strategy means increasing the volume of options in Saudi Arabia. The Nissan Patrol Special Edition includes many features that relish challenging terrain, such as sand — and will take it on and win. This SUV is marketed to consumers with growing families as well as single car owners searching for their first vehicle. Nissan Tilda and the GT-R are other popular choices.


Better Customer Service

Promoting better customer service is part of Nissan’s overall plan. Customers can call or email for details about any vehicles. Representatives are trained to provide easy-to-understand answers that quickly address issues facing prospective buyers, which range from flat tires to replacing nonworking batteries.

Nissan is planning on adding to existing showrooms, linking them more directly to Saudi buyers. The company is also looking at establishing more service locations for their line of new as well as used models. These sites will be separate stores that will focus on providing Nissan parts to mechanics and car owners.

Diverse Advertising

Nissan has extended its plan to include more media outlet outreach. An agreement with MBC will provide them with more ways to reach consumers across the Arab state. Programs will feature distinctive vehicles and details about certain models, bringing the information into the homes of residents.

Nissan car dealerships are also in the mix, with plans to hold events and promotions to entice buyers. These opportunities include incentives geared to a large customer base and competitive pricing.

2014 appears to be a promising time for Nissan as their sales continue to climb in Saudi Arabia. The automaker is implementing several strategies that could generate further significant growth, but whether Nissan becomes a fixture in the Saudi automotive landscape is now in the hands of our old friend, time.

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