6 Family Cars in India Which Can Turn into SUVs for Some Adventure

We live in a country where cars are only used for transportation. There’s no car racing, no dirt racing, and no car rally. Not many, at least. This is quite ironic considering how the road condition in our country provides us with quite an adventurous driving. Thankfully car manufacturing companies are well aware of it, and perhaps that’s why a mix of adventure and family cars were launched in India. The Sports Utility Vehicles!

No matter how pathetic the roads are, it provides you with the best comfort. Not only this but if you’re planning an adventure trip, like Srinagar – Leh, then these SUVs are the best option available in the Indian market. Following are six such SUVs which are a perfect definition of an adventurous family car:

1. Renault Duster


We call it ‘beauty and the beast.’ Duster is fast, comfortable, and has a killer design. Sitting at a price range of Rs. 7.95 lakhs to 12.84 lakhs, Duster is quite a catch, considering the powerful engine of 1498 cc which can generate a mileage up to 19.8 km/l. The best thing about duster is the comfort it offers on a comparatively compact size. You can drive all day and still won’t feel tired. It also offers an amazing ground clearance of 210 mm which makes it a perfect off-road vehicle. In the given segment, we would say this is the best option available.

2. Hyundai Creta


This car was made to make everyone happy. With two variants in diesel engine and one in a petrol engine, it starts from the price tag as low as Rs. 9.44 lakhs and goes up to a decent price of Rs. 15.04 lakhs. Hyundai launched this model to compete with Renault Duster, and it’s giving it quite a challenge. While on one side it has a reputation of a family car, but on the other hand, it also has 1396 cc/1582 cc with a ground clearance of 198 mm which makes it good enough to drive on off roads. It gives a mileage up to 20.5 km/l which makes it perfect if you’re looking for a budget-friendly SUV.

3. Maruti Vitara Brezza


Brezza’s compact size makes it a perfect ride for a city and its ground clearance of 198 mm makes it a good-to-go on a road less travelled. It has a good enough engine of 1248 cc which is one of the reasons for its amazingly good mileage of up to 24.3 km/l. Brezza is cost friendly too as it comes in the range of Rs. 7.58 lakhs to Rs. 10.55 lakhs. In terms of comfort, it’s not as good as other cars in the list but considering everything else, Brezza doesn’t disappoint.

4. Tata Nexon


Nexon is another compact SUV and is quite a catch in terms of looks and price tag. Starting at just Rs. 6.16 lakhs, it goes up to Rs. 10.59 lakhs. Nexon offers an engine of 1497 cc which is pretty good if you want to take it off road. Not only this, but this family car also gives you mileage up to 21.5 km/l. With a compact size and ground clearance of 209 mm, it is a perfect fit for family SUVs.

5. Ford EcoSport


As the name suggests, this one is economical and yet sporty. Its 1498 cc engine makes it a perfect compact SUV and price range of Rs. 7.82 lakhs to Rs. 11.89 lakhs and mileage of up to 23 km/l make it economical and pocket-friendly. We wouldn’t call EcoSport eye-catching, but it’s not a bad looking vehicle either considering it’s not easy to make a compact SUV which wouldn’t hurt the eye.

6. Toyota Innova


Arguably one of the most sold cars in India. This is because it can easily accommodate joint Indian families, offers a comfortable ride and is good enough to be driven to a steep elevated road like Rohtang Pass. You can get the base model of Innova in around Rs. 14.5 lakhs but the top model goes as high as Rs. 22 lakhs. It has an engine of 2494 cc which makes it a perfect ride for mountain roads. But it gives a little pinch to the pocket as it has a mileage of around 12 km/l. But considering the power and the seating capacity, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

These are six family cars which can also be taken for an off-road adventure. Which one are you going to book?

But Remember to Purchase Car Insurance:

Regardless of which vehicle from the above list has your eyes hooked, don’t forget to buy a comprehensive car insurance for the same. Driving in India comes with its own risks, and we often hear incidences of road accidents and rule-breaking. Bearing in mind these factors, it is vital to purchase the best car insurance in India for your beloved car.

Comprehensive insurance policies not only provide coverage for damages caused to the third-party but also financially safeguards your car as well. Coverage is offered against:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Accidents with animals
  • Glass and windshield damage
  • Damage to Third-party
  • Weather/acts of nature, etc.

“Frank” is a retired service manage for a number of Virginia car dealerships who has recently found a new passion in writing for a number of automotive blogs and journals online and offline. He is also preparing to start his own automotive podcast “Revving It Up” which he hopes to start sharing with his followers in the coming months.

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