4 Awesome Classic Cars You Can Buy Right Now

If you’re a true car enthusiast, there are probably a few classic vehicles you have your eye on right now. You may be worried that the cost and maintenance may make them a bit of an impractical purchase, though. This needn’t be the case, however. Classic cars often tend to fluctuate in value, and can also vary a lot in terms of their drivability today. Choosing the right one can mean getting a car that is both practical for regular usage, and a valuable long-term investment.

Here are 4 cool classic cars that will make wise investments in 2021.

Porsche 924

The 924 originally received a bit of a lukewarm reception upon its debut in the 1970s. And with it succeeding the iconic 911, it’s no wonder it was somewhat overshadowed for a time. Nowadays, though, collectors are starting to realize the appeal of this car. In particular, it is known to be well-balanced and a great car to drive. With both the 911 and 944 fetching sky-high prices already, it is also clearly the best investment as far as classic Porsches go. Prices for the 924 are climbing steadily, so savvy buyers could make a sizeable return on the resale market.

Chevrolet Nova

If you’re looking for a classic slice of mid-20th century Americana, a Chevy is the only way to go. Its iconic design, combined with the cache that comes with the Chevrolet brand, means that Chevrolet muscle cars are always in high demand among classic car collectors. The Chevy Nova in particular is a good buy since it has a similar look to the more well-known Chevelle, but is smaller and thus more affordable. And this is far from the only reason they make for a good purchase, either. Even by today’s standards, they make for a fun driving experience. Chevy Nova parts are also widely available, and as such are well-known for being cheap to restore. This is doubly appealing when you consider the resale value for restored Novas, which mean one can net you a substantial profit.

Mini Cooper

If you are looking for a car with a particularly iconic aesthetic, there is perhaps no car with as memorable design as the Mini Cooper. As a result of this, the vintage models are always appealing among collectors. Having been manufactured for so many years, they are also generally more widely available and affordable than other popular classic cars. Some buyers may be put off by stagnation in their value between 2019 and 2020. However, with the 60-year anniversary of the car approaching, it is likely their price will jump again soon.

Ford Focus Mark 1

While it may seem a slightly unorthodox inclusion, the original Ford Focus is predicted to be one of the biggest risers on the classic car market. This is because nostalgia and memorability play a large role in their future value. Due to its ubiquity and its recognizable aesthetic, the original Focus is thus a safe bet to increase in value. If you are looking for a classic car to start off your collection, they are still also fairly cheap, though noticeably increasing in value. Even ones in near-perfect condition can be acquired for just over 4 figures, today.

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