5 Benefits To Installing A Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are not a new invention. Before gas-powered vehicles were ever thought of, the French would cover the back of their horse-drawn carriage with a tarp to protect the items in the back. The name tonneau is French for barrel or container. As carriages were replaced with cars, the tonneau cover was no longer necessary. But once pickup trucks came into popularity, drivers needed a way to protect their cargo again. Tonneau covers have come back into fashion.


What Is a Tonneau Cover?

Today, the truck bed is often called a tonneau. Modern tonneau covers are made of different materials to protect the cargo in the back of a pickup. You can get a soft tonneau cover made of vinyl or fake leather, or you can invest in a hard tonneau cover made of fibreglass, hard plastic or aluminum. Today’s tonneau covers are easy to install and fit better than ever. Whether you’re shopping for truck brakes or tonneau covers, you’ll find a huge inventory online so you can find the right one for your style.

Reasons to Install a Tonneau Cover

You may be wondering if you really need a tonneau cover. Here are five benefits:

  • Transporting your cargo safely, without worrying about it flying out of your truck bed or getting rained on.
  • Seeing better gas mileage, because a tonneau cover reduces wind drag.
  • Increasing security of the items in your truck bed, because most tonneau covers come with a locking mechanism. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Organizing your truck bed, because a tonneau cover can keep things from shifting around.
  • Saving money, both now and at resale. A tonneau cover helps prevent damaged cargo and theft. It also increases the resale value of your truck by protecting the paint job and other serious damage to your truck bed.

How to Install a Tonneau Cover

The installation process may vary based on the type of tonneau cover that you choose, but the basics are similar. You’ll want to make sure that you buy a tonneau cover that fits your truck and needs. If you have a soft tonneau cover, you can probably get it in place in about an hour. A hard tonneau cover may take a little longer. Have a couple of friends help you out because installation can be bulkier.

Before you begin, check to make sure you have all the parts. Read through the instructions to understand the order. You may want to find a YouTube video to help you through the more complicated steps. Wash your truck to have a clean truck bed and side rails because if you install a seal, you’ll want a clean surface. Follow the directions to install your tonneau cover.

If this seems daunting, you can always ask your mechanic to install your tonneau cover. You can purchase a huge range of auto accessories, such as side steps for trucks and mud flaps to make your truck more functional and stylish. With more manufacturers creating custom parts for trucks, you can feel comfortable buying the aftermarket parts you want for your driving style.

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