Exterior and interior of the 2016 VW Tiguan

The latest model from Volkswagen promises to be as exciting and successful as its earlier models. The 2016 VW Tiguan is scheduled to be launched at the annual motor show in Frankfurt. The model is to be the latest in the successful Tiguan series that has been offering one exciting model after another since 2007. The image released by the company shows an attractive design, which can be described as compact given the fact that it is an SUV and is designed to be a Comfortable Family Car. The exterior and interior of the 2016 VW Tiguan verify the attractiveness of the design.


Exterior Design

The exterior of the car shows that it has been designed for having the best impact on the younger set of buyers. The design boasts of a muscular appearance which is suggested by the highly noticeable curves above the wheels. The exterior design is also well-equipped with LEDs that serve as efficient as well as attractive indicators for the car. The MQB platform has been used in this model which the Volkswagen Company uses for its exclusive modular manufacturing system. This technology is used in the design and manufacture of all optional four-wheel drive vehicles. Thanks to this technology, the VW Tiguan has been able to reduce the overall mass of the vehicle. As a result, the fuel economy of the car as well as the efficiency of the engine is enhanced.

Interior Design

The interior of the VW Tiguan also promises a lot of comfort and aesthetic appeal. The design of the interior is shown to be a considerable improvement compared to earlier models in the same line. The car is equipped with a climate control feature that ensures a uniform and comfortable internal environment for the passengers throughout the duration of the ride.


The steering wheel has been designed to serve with three spokes and has a flat bottom. The flat-bottomed steering wheel is a recent innovation in design that gives more leg room to the driver. This is a very attractive feature considering the fact that the car has been given a highly compact design. It is good to know that the designers have made every effort to ensure a spacious interior to the car. It must be noted that the seating capacity of the car is 7 people including the driver. According to the initial designs available so far, the 2016 VW Tiguan promises to offer great design along with convenience and luxury for the small car segment.

The interior of the car has been provided with complete leather upholstery which is another indication of the comfort that passengers will experience. GPS navigation has also been provided in the car to assist the driver with accurate driving and avoid getting lost in unfamiliar locations. The engine transmission may be operated manually as well as via double-clutch technique. Thus, the driver can choose between a front-wheel drive or an all-wheel driving experience. With all these features, the launch of the 2016 VW Tiguan certainly promises a lot to watch out for.

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