2014 BMW 535d – Review

The manufacturers of BMW guarantee a standard fuel efficiency balance and pleasure of driving by means of its 535d Sedan. The Turbo technology “TwinPower” suggest elevated precision by directly injecting fuel in it. An engine is of 3 liter which offers driver up to power of 255 hp, producing an elevated torque of about 413 lb-ft. In addition to this, drivers can have this, anywhere, every time thru the ConnectedDrive system having iDrive screen to display messages and emails on it.

When a car is running by torque of 413 lb-ft moving from 1500 rpm to almost3000 rpm, besides the peak of 255 horsepower appears at the rpm of 4000. Therefore, quiet and smooth is known to be a lined up 6-cylinder turbocharged engine of 3.0-liter that sometimes misjudged that it is a diesel.


Top Rivals for BMW 535d

The top competitors of 2014 BMW 535d are:

  • Hybrid GS45Oh by Lexus.
  • TDI diesel A63.0 by Audi.
  • Hybrid M35h by Infiniti
  • E250 by Mercedes Benz


Type of VEHICLE: there is front-engine, four or back-wheel-drive; passenger capacity is five, four-door sedan.

Estimated Price:

It is about$59,825.

Type Of Engine:

Engine is intercooled and turbocharged DOHC twenty four valve inline-six of diesel, block with head is made up of aluminium, and fuel is injected directly.

Other Specs:

  • Displacement: 183 cubic inch.
  • Power: it is of 255 horsepower at rpm of 4000.
  • Torque: 413 lb-ft torque is generated at 1500 rpm speed.
  • Transmission: automatic transmission with eight speed manual mode of shifting.


  • Wheelbase: they are almost 116.9 inch
  • Length: 193.4 inch.
  • Height: 57.6 inch.
  • Width: 73.2 inch.
  • Curb weight: it is around 4100 to4250 lb.

Performance Explained As:

  • o to sixty mph in just 5.6-5.7 seconds.
  • 0 to hundred mph only in 14.5 seconds.
  • Standing half mile in only 14.3 seconds.
  • speed at maximum is achieved at  130 to 155 mph

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