2014 Pagani Zonda R – Review

Exceptionality as well as fast vehicles have vanished away for so many years. Porsches, Corvettes, Lamborghinis, Bugattis and Ferraris, all these contains these factors generally in addition to an elevating ratio since the progression of list.

Though, a one car-maker is here, and precisely, only one model of car which discharges by means of customized shortage available in different artistic works all the way from Michelangelo or de Vinci likes, known as the 2014 Pagani Zonda R.

Zonda – Supercar

The 2014 Zonda R is known to be utmost repetition by Pagani of the Zonda super-car and appear till last. This creation is the up gradation of last models of 1999 year; the R is known to be hyper-version of the last models.
Like previous model, the power of R receives from a sourced of AMG 6.0-liter V-12 which comes out as an astonishing 800 hp plus 538 pound-ft torque. A central chassis made up of monocoque carbon fiber and carbon-titanium, the lot maintains the weight of Zonda R decline towards insufficient 2358 pounds.

Power Overview

Power of this car is generated via six-speed magnesium-transversal and consecutive gearbox. Changes of Gears are immediate with timings of shift declined to 20 ms. Bosch company has developed a position of the control system of art traction with almost 12 types of settings. An ABC system is visit also. New exceptional Pagani Zonda R feature is its FOIDRS (Formula One Inspired Drag Reduction System) on back-wing.

Such types of cars are not constructed in a bulk nowadays which resembles to this amazing Zonda R. However; it is showcased in the Geneva Motor Show and known to be best one.

Engine Specs:

  • V12 is Engine Md
  • Horsepower at the RPM speed:
  • 800 at 8000
  • Torque at the RPM:
  • 538 at 5800


  • 6.0 L
  • Performance 0-60 time:
  • 2.6 sec.

Top Speed achieved:

About 217 mph

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