Drive Well, Keep Safe

Fasten your seat belts for a gratifying, safe driving experience with us. Just follow these tips to drive well and keep safe. These tips are well-tested and approved by experts.

Drive, when fresh

Suppose you are hitting the road, fatigued, sleepless, worn-out or drunk or panicked. What do you expect your journey should be? Of course, it can never be enjoyable but hectic and dangerous.
Therefore, the first and foremost condition for a safe driving trip is concerned with health. A worn-out mind cannot get you’re a good expedition. Always get in the car when you are ready to drive it i.e. you are mentally and physically fresh.


Relax, do not speed up

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of America (NHTSA) said,
“Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes.”
NHTSA unveiled that about 31 percent of accidents occur through high speeds.

You need to relax while driving to avoid any such misfortune. Remember saving a few minutes may cost your entire life. Do not risk it in any case.

Don’t get distracted

No doubt, cell phones are of immense importance nowadays; half of the communication is done on phones, there are certain calls that we must need to take and certain others that we cannot just ignore. Our kinship, bosses, family and friends need to speak to us anytime of the day. But not during driving even if you are an expert to handle them on road.
However, cell phone is not the distraction only; eating, drinking, reading messages or texting, listening to music and watching your favorite movie is also harmful. Keep them away.

Check Maintenance

Your car is liable to damages if it is not well-maintained. You should check and make it clear that it is fully ready to run on road, before even starting it. Inspect its brakes, check for torn lights or mirrors, test your tires and then move it. Try to get your wheel serviced every month. It will increase its efficiency and decrease the chances of break downs.

Keep your car at a good distance

Yes, it is also important to keep distance from other carriages on road. A research done in the USA showed that the drivers who did not keep distance, met with accident. It also showed that these drivers were in a hurry to surpass others.
Take this report seriously and stay safe.

Driving in bad weather

Bad weathers are bad clash indicators. No matter how expert you are in handling your wheel, do not take the risk of driving casually especially in bad weathers. Be extra-cautious and run your car below your average speed, maintain a good distance between you and the car in front and be more careful on bending, twists and curvy roads.

Exchange and Mart

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