Which Used SEAT Should I Buy?

You’ve decided that a second-hand vehicle is the best option to buy, and who can blame you? You can avoid losing thousands in depreciation and you get the same benefits as buying new, such as a warranty and the option to pay using car finance. You’ve also decided out of all the manufacturers that you’d love to own a SEAT. That too is a great decision. They’re a respected company known for making excellent cars. Now all you need to do is work out which model to go for, so here are a few suggestions that might help you to make up your mind.


SEAT Leon Hatchback

One of the best reasons to treat yourself to a second hand SEAT Leon is the fact that it is known for having excellent handling. The engine is strong and the cabin of the car is extremely well-designed being totally user friendly. You can sink into the driving seat and feel right at home and confident that the car is going to respond to your demands.  This is the ideal car if you have a family and you’re likely to take many trips together, whether using it for the school run, shopping trips or for family holidays.  On top of all that it’s a great looking car that you’re going to be proud to own.

SEAT Ibiza Sport

If you want a car that’s practical but comes with some extra fun factor thrown into the deal, the Ibiza Sport is certainly the car for you. It looks great with a funky design, it’s fun to drive and there are a decent range of engines to choose from. It comes in a reasonably priced package brand new so it’s easy to pick up a used model for far less and still be treated to all the benefits.  The Ibiza Sport has been modelled on the Volkswagen Polo, so it feels solid and the build is excellent.

SEAT Toledo

If you want more space, the Toledo won’t let you down. You get more space than in the Leon yet the price is cheaper. This is a practical car, ideal for families but it’s also great fun to drive, making all those trips from point A to point B far more enjoyable than many other models out there.  The back seats are spacious, ideal if your family is growing at a speedy rate, meaning no knees poking you in the back while you drive. The boot is also massive, so trips to the tip on the weekend won’t pose you any problems.

Where to Buy

Now you know three of the best used SEAT cars that are available, you just need to find the right one for sale. Your best bet is to avoid private sales and look for the used car dealerships that will provide you with a safe car in great condition along with the finance options and a warranty. Private sales come with risks that can be too expensive to make, so play it safe and buy from a respected dealer.

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