Honda Develops Three New Sport Hybrid Systems

November 13th , 2012 – Honda Motor Company Limited has introduced a new one-motor hybrid system called sports hybrid intelligent dual clutch drive system, a lightweight and compact one-motor hybrid system optimized for small-sized vehicles.

This new hybrid system will be the latest addition consists of three different Honda hybrid systems which are:

One motor sport hybrid intelligent dual clutch drive.

This system is similar to the hybrid system, which is deployed in Honda’s current hybrid model with the assumption that it uses a dual clutch transmission rather than a CVT. This new designed intelligent dual clutch one motor drive unit has 30% more efficiency value as compared to conventional one motor hybrid system. This system has 4 cylinders, 1.5 liter cycle engine for 7 speeds with a high output motor and efficient Lithium-ion battery.

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Top 5 Suvs for 2012

Long gone are the days of SUVs only being for the rough and rugged terrain of the outback. Whether it is to transport the family, carry the dogs or simply to just ride up high – SUVs can assume many roles. If you are in the market for one, the top 5 SUVs for 2012 are as follows:

    5. BMW X6M – $90,000
BMW’s X6 M is the high powered equivalent to the X6 crossover SUV. With a twin-turbo 4.4 liter V8 engine, the X6 M uses many of the same conventions as the X5. Equipped with 555 horsepower, this SUV also gets 12 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway.

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Driving Tips

10 Professional Tip for Women Driving Safely

It is a common view that, women can drive relatively safe as compared to man. While the risks for women driving is not tolerated. It is still worth taking a few measurements that can protect you from any harm you face as a female driver. Our objective is to educate women to drive safely. Let us share some professional tips regarding female driving.

1. Keep your Vehicle safe

If your car is unsafe, then you should check it up properly because it is very necessary for your safety point of view. One of the most common maintenance problems is improper tire air pressure. High or low air pressure can disturb the performance especially when you drive on  superhighways.  Also check your vehicle brakes if you feel some softness or vibration in the brake pedal, immediately check out by mechanic.

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Latest Cars

Tata Nano – The Cheapest Car

Tata Nano, a car manufactured by Tata Motors, is strictly for city and large town dwellers. Manufactured and sold exclusively in India– this car is said to be the cheapest car in the world today. It was first launched in the year 2009 and has undergone some changes after its inception based on many user reviews. The cost too has increased but it still remains the lowest-cost car in India today. A good place to look for used or new Tata Nano cars would be


These are some of its features:


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Auto Insurance

Top 3 Auto Insurance Company In America

Auto insurance or car insurance is very important in these days when the theft rate is so high, and huge traffic outside then there has always had a chance to damage the car. Getting your car insured is the best way to save yourself in case of any damage to the car. Auto insurance covers the premium of lost or theft, accidental damages like fires etc.
When you buy an expensive car for you then it is essential that you get your auto insurance from one of the top rated auto insurance companies. These companies are top ranked due to its services and client satisfaction also no hidden charges, and gives you a good value of your money. Here’s a list of top auto insurance companies that you can choose from depending upon your specific needs and budget.
Top Auto Insurance Companies in America

1.    21st Century Auto Insurance
2.    Esurance Auto Insurance
3.    GEICO

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Latest Cars

New Sedan Acura RLX Technology Preview – Model 2014

Acura is on the edge of launching a new luxury sedan that will have more technology than any car. This new sedan will be called the RLX. The 2013 Acura RLX has the feature of their Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) system, Front-wheel drive. 3.5L direct injected V6, delivering 310hp and 256 lb-ft of torque and with 6-speed automatic transmission. The RL, which has been on sale in Canada, is a very excellent vehicle but has failed to catch the market. Now Acura hopes that, RLX will make a difference in the market of luxury buying public.

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