2014 Isuzu D-Max Double Cab Premium – Review

In collaboration with the (GMC) General Motors Corporation, they offered the hit D-Max on the marketplace. The model 2014 D-Max, has rented platform plus a variety of parts of the existing model of the car Chevrolet Colorado or else, GMC Canyon. The Isuzu, has facilitated a better sales outcome not only the D-Max models, however also the total game Isuzu in territory of USA, however only until the year 2008, whilst at the start of huge economic disaster introverted a great variety of vehicles to the market of North American. In collaboration with the GM which is continued in 2011, out coming in a latest, bigger, extra robust, violent, and definitely the most highly developed so far 2014 Isuzu D-Max model.



What is the actual thing that is mainly remarkable of the D-Max pick-up latest generation is the latest 2.5 L turbo diesel engine in addition with the two turbochargers. The engine conveys 163 hp at the speed of 3600 rpm plus greatest torque of 400Nm is obtainable from only 1400 rpm. This is all because of the utilization of 2 turbochargers of them, lower for the lesser mode, and further, with rising speed. The Power of the latest 2014 Isuzu D-Max is augmented when it is compared to the earlier model by 20 percent and torque is elevated by 40 percent.

Fuel Efficiency

The model, D-Max is a great among few cars whereas the pre-declared figures on consumption of fuel as well as performance feasible, 100 percent can be considered for granted, definitely which is worthy. With the back-wheel drive, or all-wheel-drive, the model 2014 D-Max holds an average consumption of fuels of 8.5l per 100km, which might reduced, the extra liter or might a less liter, if you are a qualified driver. Starting from 0 to 100km per hour, this pick-up which is off-road is attained in 11 seconds.


Interior and Exterior

In addition the width, length and wheel-base, elevated the cab area of the Isuzu D-Max 2014. The vehicle seats are of solid dimensions and comfortable, which is covered with the leather, that is known to be one of the objections. Furthermore, like driving which is done off-road can be predictable skating from the seats, as well because of tremendously little gap between the floor and the area of the buttocks, Isuzu D-Max, is  found to be not a suitable car which is used for long travels.


The astonishing 2014 Isuzu D-Max, was calculated with the 4 star NCAP, that categorizes it in an assembly of tremendously safe cars, which is maintained by 6 airbags as well as a electronic security systems range. Because of its length, easiness of maneuverability and administration 2014 D-Max is prepared with a back view camera, an ESP system, and system which is used for electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) as well as a traction control-system wheel (TCS).

Price of 2014 Isuzu D-Max

Intentionally, we can state that the 2014 Isuzu D-Max, is not only the vehicle which is without flaws, mostly concerning ergonomics. However on stability, this car is very much squeeze, which nowadays first have sufficient advertising come up to the market. The 2014 D-MAX, Single Cab Classic package which is present as basic, price $ 35,520.  Prepared to the uppermost, Double Cab Premium Package, D-Max price $ 46,080.

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