Top Ten Best Selling Cars Of 2013

Man and car relation has a history spread over centuries. We need them for many transportation purposes. And thanks to the new inventions taking place time and again because of whom we are able to see vehicles of many types. Of course, this evolution has not taken place with a blink of an eye, rather a long distance has been covered to reach at a stage where we have now millions of models, billions of companies and trillions sub-categories of vehicles.
This has opened doors of choices for us to pick the best suited our needs. And obviously, the best options are sold the most. This year also we have a list of cars (please keep in mind it is a general term used for all sorts of vehicles) for you to have a look at.



“Believe — with good justification — that the economic expansion is going to continue,”
(Mustafa Mohatarem, the GM head Economist America)

And he was right; especially in the case of automobiles, whose sales were sky-soaring this year. The proof for it is the increase in the rate of sales (8.8 percent) of the top seven automotive companies.

There are many car companies active in the USA although, but the top most are: Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda, Ford and Hyundai. They are the best manufacturers and hence, strong rivals trying to reign the automotive kingdom.
This list includes the best-seller cars till 15th of July, 2013

1.    Toyota Camry

MSRP: $ 22,235 to $ 30, 465
And once again, Toyota Camry is on the top. Some 35, 870 or more cars were sold in June, while a total of 207,626 Camry motors have been sold up till now. And its sale increase this year by 11.7 percent. Toyota Camry is a midsized affordable sedan with a good fuel economy of 25/35 mpg city/highway. It appealed the market for various plus points like reliability score, mileage and one of the best performance.


2.    Chevrolet Cruze

MSRP: $ 17,130 to $ 23,550
Chevrolet Cruze comes second with a better price tag. Its sale increases this June by 73.2 percent. Chevy is a small, inexpensive saloon like Camry but its fuel economy varies from that of its rival which is 22/35 mpg city/highway. This compact sedan is best for the families for it is a comfortable companion with vast cargo storage.


3.    Honda Accord

MSPR: $ 21,680 – $ 33,430
Accord is also an affordable medium-sized saloon with a fair gas mileage i.e. 24/34 mpg city/highway. 9.5 percent more Accords were sold out last month, while its annual sales increased recently by 20 percent. It appeals the buyers because of its powerful V6 engine, upscale interior, smooth transmission and high-tech safety, and a better reliability rating. It is entirely renovated that also appeals the shoppers.


4.    Honda Civic

MSRP: $ 17,965 to 27,965
8.1 percent more Civic autos were sold till June, 2013 which made it the fourth most sold car of the year.  Honda Civic has earned a “big” name in the automobile market. It was not possible without Civics’ own performance and positive features like its classic fuel efficiency, admirable interior and A-class safety. The EPA-estimated fuel economy of this wheel is 27/39 mpg city/highway.


5.    Nissan Altima

MSRP: $ 21,760 – $ 30,560
At slot fifth, we have Altima by Nissan. This year its sales increase by 23.3 %. Altima grabbed this place since it offers a stronger mileage (27 mpg city/ 38 mpg highway) it is a two-in-one car as it has a sporty touch in a family friendly compact sedan.  There are certain other points that have made it a shopper’s choice which are:-
Its comfort-level, styling and smooth CTV.


6.    Toyota Corolla

MSRP: $16,230 – $ 20,550
Did you know Corolla is the best-selling car since its first launch in 1966 and up till June, 2013 about 40,000,000 Corollas have been sold out. It is the first car with “thirty million” unit sold is a record.
With a fuel economy of 27/34 mpg city/highway which is standard for a sedan of its like. It offers easy interior controls and a nice ride to travel on.


7.    Ford Fusion

MSRP: $ 21,900- $ 32,200
Fusion is a distinctive compact car, which is sold on the seventh number by this June. It has an estimated gas mileage of 22/34 mpg city/highway, which is not up to the mark. But it is a safe, smooth and serene all-wheel-drive with a very sexy trunk. Some critics have rated it the best midsized carriage for families too.


8.    Ford Focus

MSRP: $ 16,200 – $ 24,200
Focus is attractive, aggressive and bold designed with a sporty-touch in it. It enjoys a likeable fuel economy of 26/36 mpg city/highway. It has great handling and is fun to ride on. Ford Focus is available in both models: hatchback and sedan.


9.    Hyundai Elantra

MSRP: $ 16,965 to $ 21,115
Hyundai Elantra is also available in both hatchback and saloon styles with a great gas mileage.  EPA-estimated economy is 28 mpg city/ 38 mpg highway. It grabs attention with its fantastic interior design and space. Elantra is affordable plus competitive.


10.    Chevrolet Malibu

MSRP: $ 21,995 to $ 29,700
Chevrolet Malibu comes at number tenth for being a little pricey and lower in fuel efficiency than its contemporaries.  Chevy Malibu is restyled entirely and has become more dazzling than before. The material used in it has an amiable quality with a roomy cabin for you to relax while driving. It is reliable and more athletic while handling.


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