Why You Need Winter Tires?

The regions where winters are persistent and extreme throughout the year, life becomes very difficult and the accomplishment of daily chores becomes a headache. The North American region experiences extreme winter season, but there are some areas in this region that experience winter like climate for the whole year. For example, Alaska is a region that encounters severe winters and even in the summer months, sub-zero temperatures are not unusual. While the wintry and snowy weather causes a lot of trouble, driving is one thing that frequently poses many inconveniences. In the winter season, it becomes very demanding to drive on the snowy and icy roads, with little knowledge on how to drive on snowy and frosty tracks. As a result, many people suffer car accidents because of the snow that clogs up on the roads


What To Do?

While driving in the winter months, it is difficult to keep a strong grip on the roads when snow is present and when the snow melts or subsidizes a bit, the roads become slippery causing accidents. The main reason behind every car getting stuck in the snow or not being able to get a firm and smooth grip on the track is the type of tires used for driving the car. First of all, what you need to do is that you need to change the set of tires that you are using and apply the most appropriate tires that are well suited for driving in the winter season.

Why You Need Snow Tires?

Winter tires are most commonly referred to as “Snow Tires”, and they are the best bet when it comes to driving in the winter. If you live in the North American region, than a good pair of winter tires is an indispensable weapon. The all-season tires are normally used by the drivers, but it cannot function well in the winter season. It is therefore ironically called Jack of All Trades but Master of None.

Advantages of Winter Tires

Winter tires can provide many benefits over regular tires for few reasons:

1. Type of rubber compounds

Snow or winter tires perform better in cold and sub-zero temperatures because the rubber compound that is used in these tires is softer than in regular or all-season tires. The softer rubber compound makes it easier to drive on the roads as it provides a solid grip and traction.

2. Studs

Studs are basically little rubber (sometimes metal) pegs that protrude out of the tread to bring extra traction in the tires while driving on roads with deep snow and ice. Many snow tires have studs to serve this purpose.

3. Tread

The tread on tires is also important to have a safe ride in winters. Snow tires have treads that are different to normal all-season tires. They usually have larger area or spaces between the treads so as to allow the tires to “bite” the snow. The tread on snow tires is designed in such a way that it blocks the snow from packing and turning the wheel into an enormous snowball.


The main reason why you need winter tires is that they are designed to work perfectly in the snowy season, than regular tires. Furthermore, the use of winter tires will prolong the life of your all-season tires, as they will be packed and stuffed in the storage for the winter season.

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