V8 Engine. Features And Specificatons

V8 engine is a great V engine with 8 cylinders which are increased on the crank-case only in two types of banks having 4-cylinders, in several cases which are set nearly right angle to every other however occasionally at a small angle, having all 8 pistons forceful a general crank-shaft.

If present in the simplest type, it is essentially two at once 4-engines distributing a general crankshaft. Though, this easy configuration, having single-plane crank-shaft, having same secondary problems having dynamic inequality as 2 straight-4s, out coming in the vibrations having displacements of large engine. As an outcome, as the 1920s the majority of the V8s engines having utilized the rather much complex cross plane crank-shaft having heavy counterweights which get rid of the vibrations. This can outcome in an engine that is found to be smoother than a V6. Whilst being significantly not much expensive than an engine, V12. The majority competing V8s carry on single plane crankshaft use since it permits quicker acceleration as well as much efficient drain-system designs.


The V8 engine is designed for installation in the 175mph Lotus Esprit. The optimised light weight and compact size of the Lotus V8 engine provides a verstaile power unit. Lotus in England carried out the complete engineering program using advanced design analysis techniques and supplier enrolment at the concept stage. This creates a specification built on a broad base of knowledge and experience. Lotus has 50 years history in high performance engine and vehicle design for both Lotus Cars and many major automotive manufacturers.
The engine i.e., V8 having a cross-plane crank-shaft which is known to be a general configuration for large engines for the automobile. The V8 engines are infrequently smaller than the 3.0 L in the displacement as well as in car make use hold surpassed 8.2 L in the vehicles production. The Marine and Industrial having V8 engines must be enough larger.
The kind 918 engines hold a 3.5-litre, 32 valve, all Aluminum, having 90 degree V8 as well as features:

  • Application of the Front as well as Mid-engine.
  • The low hood lines Designed.
  • This is designed as Engine Control Unit (i.e., ECU),
  • Secondary Air Injection
  • OBDII (On Board Diagnostic)

This is designed as a double-turbocharged element; it holds Inter-cooling, Motorsport and Naturally Aspirated options. This is striking torque curve which promises utmost overtaking capability as well as, in Esprit, in 5 seconds a mph of 0-60time, though attaining every Federal and European secretion and diagnostic wants.
The engine which is turbocharged is intended to attain a least weight (under 214kg (dry), containing the entire ancillary and wiring impend) also to fit inside a package volume of 580mm (i.e., l) into 710mm (i.e., b) into 610mm (i.e., h).
The plan is look after for the purpose of Lotus’ CPS (Cam Profile Switching) and CDA (Cylinder De-Activation) technology. Further possible engine modification contains 280bhp logically aspirated, as well as the 420bhp versions which are intercooled. So, this engine is best fit for upcoming models.

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