Toyota Corolla Insurance: Practical Ways To Keep Your Premiums Down

The Toyota Corolla is a popular choice for many people because it’s so practical, feature-set, economical on fuel and is generally a good all-round workhorse favoured by millions of people around the world!

Everyone knows that cars manufactured by Japanese firm Toyota are pretty reliable, and so owners of the Corolla will have many years of trouble-free motoring. In fact, some people might say that such a car is too good to be true! For the most part, this is correct, but one stumbling block that leaves many Corolla owners unhappy is the cost of their car insurance.


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 Even though the Toyota Corolla is a pretty average car and not some kind of V8 twin-turbo monster, car insurance can sometimes be high for Corolla owners – in some ways because the car is a victim of its own success!

You see, the Toyota Corolla uses quality parts from the factory and so if the car is involved in an accident or has been damaged in some way, it can often be expensive for insurance companies to repair. But the news isn’t all bad, however; it is actually possible to lower your insurance premiums on this popular car. Here’s how:

Make your Corolla less of a risk

Insurance companies will calculate your premium based on how much of a risk you and your car are. So, for example, if you do 20,000 miles a year in your Corolla, you are much more likely to make a claim on your insurance than a person that does only 5,000 miles.

In the past, people used to lie about how often they travelled in their cars each year and give a much lower figure as their annual mileage to insurers, but ever since current mileage has been recorded in MOT tests, insurers have been able to access this information so you have no choice, but to tell the truth about your mileage!

Therefore, it is in your interests to cut down on your mileage where possible, and perhaps think of doing no more than the average amount of yearly mileage in your Corolla (10,000 miles).

 Don’t leave it until the last minute to renew

A lot of people sadly don’t take action when it comes to renewing their car insurance policies until they get a renewal letter in the post from their current insurers. You should be making a note to yourself to start getting insurance quotes for your Toyota Corolla no less than three weeks before your current policy is due to expire.

Websites such as Go Compare can help you to search multiple insurance companies for quotes without having to fill in your details each time, and you can specify a date in the future that you want your cover to start.

 Add your spouse or partner to your policy

A lot of people don’t know this, but you can lower your risk (and subsequently your insurance premiums) simply by adding your spouse or partner to your insurance policy! According to RRG Toyota, this is a very simple way of lowering your insurance policy and it means that your “other half” will also be able to drive your pride and joy when they need to!

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