Top 3 Auto Insurance Company In America

Auto insurance or car insurance is very important in these days when the theft rate is so high, and huge traffic outside then there has always had a chance to damage the car. Getting your car insured is the best way to save yourself in case of any damage to the car. Auto insurance covers the premium of lost or theft, accidental damages like fires etc.
When you buy an expensive car for you then it is essential that you get your auto insurance from one of the top rated auto insurance companies. These companies are top ranked due to its services and client satisfaction also no hidden charges, and gives you a good value of your money. Here’s a list of top auto insurance companies that you can choose from depending upon your specific needs and budget.
Top Auto Insurance Companies in America

1.    21st Century Auto Insurance
2.    Esurance Auto Insurance
3.    GEICO

21ST Century Auto Insurance

This is one of the most reputed auto insurance company in America. Since 1958, it has been dedicated to provide quality service to its customers and focuses on auto insurance that is just right for its customers. It also offers other insurances like renters insurance, term life insurance and flood insurance etc.
21st century insurance settles claim very promptly and there professionals are available for customers 24 hours a day.The company has a network of 2200 repair workshops nationwide that provides customers fast and high quality service.
It has nearly 2000 employees and won most of the awards like Market Tools Consumer Sat Achievement in Customer Excellence (ACE) five times.

Esurance Auto Insurance

One of the fastest growing insurance company in America. The Esurance auto insurance company believes in offering hassle free services to the doorstep of customer to buy insurance. They also educate their customers about the policy. They are backed by the strong online security and finances which make them reliable.


GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company). This top insurance company was founded in 1936 and first started for the US military personnel and government employees. Now today it provides its services to more than nine million customers and more than sixteen million vehicles. It is rated as the best auto insurance company and provides best quality services to its customers.

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