Top 10 Safest Cars on the Road Today

Safety is a big thing for all kinds of drivers. If you’re wondering which car might be safest for you, here are the ten that you should be considering.

  1. Mercedes GLC

The interiors of the Mercedes GLC are fantastic, but the other thing that makes it stand out is the safety. It’s one of the safest cars out there at the moment. The adult occupant safety rating of the car is particularly impressive when it was tested by Euro NCAP. The comfort of the car is one of the best out of any small SUV car that you will find on the market, so that gives you another reason to buy.


  1. Ford Galaxy

The Ford Galaxy was awarded one of the highest driver safety ratings it’s possible to get last year. This just goes to show how much the people at Ford put into making this car as safe as it can be. Of course, the Galaxy is a big and bulky car. And because it has been made by Ford, you can be sure that the quality of the overall design and engineering is very impressive too.

  1. Infiniti Q30

In terms of the family cars that can be purchased right now, the Infiniti Q30 is one of the best. It’s a car that’s a pleasure to drive, and it offers plenty of room for all the family. The child passenger safety rating was also very strong though. Parents are obviously very concerned about road safety issues. But your mind can be put at ease if you buy a Q30.Infiniti_Q30

  1. Volvo XC90

Volvo has always been one of the car brands that has had the biggest focus on safety. Their cars are known for being reliable and sturdy. They might not be the most fun and dynamic cars in the world, but they can be relied on for safety. The best of their safe cars comes in the form of the Volvo XC90. It’s a car that is professional, has great interiors and very safe indeed. You can find out more about them at Harratts.

  1. Kia Optima

Many people consider buying a Kia because of the great warranty cover they get. But that’s not the only reason, as the Kia Optima proves. It’s a car that performs very well in terms of child safety. Its pedestrian safety rating is not as strong, but it’s still one of the very safest around at the moment.


  1. Volkswagen Touran

There are many great large cars, but none are them are safer than the Volkswagen Touran. The fact that it is fantastically built, spacious and practical helps too. It comes with a sizable price tag, but it’s worth it when you get this much for your money. The car is not going to let you down in terms of safety.

  1. Jaguar XE

Many luxury sports cars are not considered to be very safe. But the Jaguar XE is managing to buck that trend. It’s one of the safest cars of any class or type that you can find. It’s very stylish, has an incredible engine and is safe for people inside the car and outside of it. When cars are crash-tested, the damage they would do to pedestrians is also tested. And the EX performed very well.

  1. Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb has emerged out of nowhere to become one of the most popular family cars on the market right now. That’s not something that anyone was really expecting. It’s almost single handedly managed to turn around the reputation of Skoda. And of one the best things about it is its scores for driver and child passenger safety.



  1. Toyota Avensis

The 93% driver safety rating that the Toyota Avensis was awarded by Euro NCAP should tell you a lot. If you want to be safe while you’re in the driver’s seat, then there are few cars better than this one. It’s also a very good sedan car that can fit a lot of cargo in it. It’s a car that you can rely on to adapt to your needs.

  1. Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is a really nice city car that’s also good for families. The fact that’s so affordable also appeals to many people. You can add the fact that it’s very safe. The Jazz is considered to be the very safest supermini that can be bought right now. It’s also a sensible and reliable car. You get a great deal for your money when you buy one.


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