Top 10 Fastest Police Cars

Police cars are different from other cars in all aspects. They range differently from other cars in various ways as well. For example – they may have different engine features depending on how they are run? After all, Police Cars do serve an important role in helping cops with their work – when they need it. However, these differences may range from small differences to larger ones. The interior and exterior design is predictably different from other cars. Police cars are made to be recognized by people, in case of emergencies and all such situations.

Carbon Motors Corporation E7

On last place, that is the 10th one of the top ten police cars is the one of “Carbon Motors Corporation E7”. This car has a black theme as like many other cars. It’s not like one of those early century white cars, with police written over them. They have introduced a new fashionable look to them which gives a feel of authority. It has smaller shades of red and blue over it. It’s a classical as all. It has a 3.0 liter engine and is equal to 300 horse power. It’s located in USA. It’s one of the many cars of Police authorities that are occasionally kept idle, or used rarely for police purposes.


Lotus Evora S

The next car that we will be discussing about is Lotus Evora S. The Lotus Evora S is one of the most cliché’ Police Cars. It’s an all time classical. It has a black and white theme. It’s quite the type of a car you would usually expect to see Police drivers in. Overall it’s a black color. Its details are of white color.  Its looks are complemented by it’s astounding wheels and variable design. The Lotus Evora S is a car, quite unlike others, none the less it deserves it’s place in the top t ten Police Cars of 2013.


Techart Porsche Carrera 911

Next up we have is Techart Porsche Carrera 911. The Techart Porsche Carrera 911 is an overall really good car it’s got a really good black theme and nice design. Not much to mention regarding it. Only that it has a black design. It’s not a bleach dark black but somewhere along the lines of that. Like all other Police cars it also has shining bumpers on it’s top.


Ferrari Scagliette HGTS

On seventh position we have Ferrari Scagliette HGTS. This car, as the name suggest is of the Ferrari edition, and it’s a navy car round the front, it has an exotic design. It’s simple yet very stylish. It has a bulky appearance and broad ends. It too, is an overall really good car and hasn’t made it here in the top ten just for nothing.


Nissan SkyLine GTS

On sixth place we have Nissan SkyLine GTS. It’s a white based car. Its details are those which are present in it in shades of fade red and various designs and font forms on its back. It has Arabic written over it, and has shades of black and white crisscross ends at the edges of each side. It’s located in the UAE.


Mercedes Brabus Rocket CLS

On fifth place, we have Mercedes Brabus Rocket CLS. This car, is located in Germany, hence the German reference in the name. The Mercedes Brabus is a car of silvery metallic white-gray type color. It has a strip of blue running around it from both sides. It has POLIZEI written on it with white color. It has a 6.3 liter V12 and is equal to the horse power of 730 cars.


Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

On fourth place, we have Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. The Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 has a sharp design, and has a front streamlined position, to maximize speed and fast run. It has POLIZIA written over it. It’s different because it has a pointier and straight forward appearance.  It’s designed for speed and integrity. Its design is what amuses people the most. It has the most thrilling design that has been known.  It’s been like that for ages.


Lamborghini Murcielago

On third place we have Lamborghini Murcielago. It has a front sloping design; it has few easy stripes, across its entire design, form and layout. Over all it may be a blunt car but power may be all that matters to some. Its power equals that of 640 horse power.   It is located in United Kingdom.


Caparo T1 RRV

On second place we have Caparo T1 RRV. This car is sort of like a type of racing car. It’s designed and designated for speed. Its main purpose is to be speedy and conflict with the person who is being chased.



We now come down to our final car, the first, and the best Police Car of the year 2013 – it’s the ABT Audi R8 GTR. There’s too much that can’t be said regarding this car. It’s absolutely perfect. It’s “THE CAR” it’s the fastest police car at the moment even though Carporo T1 beats it, but since it’s only just a concept, this is the fastest police car at hand.



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