Tips Avoid a Car Accident

It should be every driver’s responsibility to be careful whilst driving. Being a driver everyone has to know about the simple but most important Rules to avoid Car Accidents. They should be extra vigilant and should be able to prevent a car accident at any cost.  You never know, whose life you might be putting in danger by being careless about your driving. Especially teenagers today should know, that yes it may seem ‘cool’ to be able to drive at such a young age but it is also comes with a great responsibility.

Accident Analysis

About 47 % of the accidents are caused by people of age’s 16 to24 years, hence a better approach to make them comprehend is required and this is exactly what this article is about. It will give you tips to prevent a car accident at any cost. It would be wise to follow up on these guidelines:


Analyze the Tire’s Condition

Before you start your car make sure that all your tires have enough air in them and your warning lights are switched off. It may seem like a very simple thing to do. But you need to know, that a lot of people ignore it and therefore accidents happen.

Not Wearing Seatbelt??? Do It Now!!!

The second tip is, when you’re on the road; make sure that you are wearing your seatbelt which tends to get on every person’s nerve but it’s a good practice to wear it as thousands of accidents could have been prevented just by following this one simple tip. Make sure that all times you are look on both sides of the road.

Avoid Cell Phone While Driving

Another simple thing that you can follow is to avoid using your cell phone at any cost. It does not matter how important it is to attend a certain call or even make one. On the road, your only mission is to pay attention and be cautious at all costs.


Do Not Drink

My next advice is to not drink while driving. This tip may sound like a cliché, but you should know how many people were unable to follow this one simple ’clichéd’ advice.

Don’t be Hasty

Always maintain distance from the surrounding cars. Don’t be hasty, no matter how late you are for a certain meeting or family crisis. By risking your life, you are being completely absurd.

Beware for weather conditions

It is also always good to know about the weather conditions. Especially if you live in a city, where the weather is completely unpredictable. Ensure that you have seen all the blind spots of you can before you are about to change a lane.


Follow the Traffic Rules & Choose Best Route

Another basic tip, that we have for you is follow the rules, be obedient and respectful towards the traffic law.
It is also a good idea, to plan your route while you are driving. You may wish to take a longer route which has generally less traffic on it but is a safe choice.

We hope that this article proved to be helpful for you.

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