Tips on Selling your Modified Car

Selling a standard car can be a slow and difficult and process in itself, so the notion of finding a buyer for a heavily modified car can seem like a near impossible task. A modified car means narrowing down your options and gaining the interest of a specific kind of buyer. Striking a chord with the modified marketplace requires patience, a great deal of touch-ups and an honest sales pitch – but the outcome is well worth the blood, sweat and oil. Follow these tips for a successful sale.

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Be upfront

Whilst this should apply to any sales patter, brutal honesty is particularly crucial when it comes to selling on modified cars. You shouldn’t leave anything to chance and risk the buyer’s safety simply to save face about an unnoticeable fault. Make buyers aware of the car’s limitations as well as its good points – they won’t thank you for nasty surprises months down the line but they will certainly appreciate an open and honest evaluation of the car’s spec and may even be willing to overlook minor faults in favour of unique modifications.

Sell it to an enthusiast

You are more likely to stir interest and possibly even close a sale with an enthusiast of your specific model. A Vauxhall aficionado for instance will take their time to appreciate and consider your custom-made Vauxhall Corsa from all angles and may well be enticed by a specific mod such as the engine type or unique interior of your model.

Sell it in parts

If your modified car fails to rouse any interest in its complete form (which can happen, so don’t be disheartened when it does), you might want to consider dismantling it and selling it for parts. The sale of car parts is a very lucrative industry and you may be pleasantly surprised by how much your carefully modified car parts are worth. Making a profit on the entire car may take longer but some engine and car parts can be highly sought after if you find the buyer for them.

If you have ever considered buying a heavily modified car from a seller, you are likely to be concerned in one particular area – how can I possibly insure it once I buy? Fortunately, one of few unique insurance companies that fully embrace modified cars in the UK is Sky Insurance. Regardless of the type of modification, Sky Insurance aim to provide their services as standard to swapped engine/parts cars such as the Honda Integra conversion. Visit the Sky Insurance blog for more details.

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    Great tips!!For getting more price for your car, presentation is one of the most important aspects.Direct sale to an individual. While this can be the best way to get the highest price for your car, this option requires more time and effort.

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