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Amazing and Insane Tips for Drivers

Adjust the Mirrors Correctly

Experts believe that properly adjusted mirrors are must required for safety. The ideal positioning the car mirror is in a way that no part of the car appears in the mirror. It will negate the blind spots for safe driving. The mirror should be placed in a way that slightly overlaps the field of view in rear mirror.

Image Source: Pixabay

Fasten Mobile Phone

Every diver should tie up the mobile phone with the cradle or rubber band. The cradle can be placed on the front area, can be attached with steering or with the air conditioner. Phone holder is great to manage the calls, maps and driving at once.

Avoid the Mess

Fixing the food mess can make you tired. Keep a basket or caddy in the car to organize the food for the bumpy ride. It is exceptionally important while travelling for kids.

Keep a Trash bin

You can make your own mini car trash bin with the cereal container or any box.

Safe Parking

Hang a tennis ball in the parking to estimate the right space.

Remove Sticker Residue

Oil change reminder, registration and workshops place their stickers on the windscreen that is annoying. Take a newspaper and put it in warm water. Place that newspaper on the residue for 10 minutes and it will remove easily.

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