Things To Look For in Your First Bike

Congratulations, you’re ready to purchase the very first bike of your life. Practicality should be the prime concern here since first bikes are exactly that. Eventually you sell them off. Here are the key factors you should consider when choosing your first bike.

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Suspension of Bike

Your first bike needs to have an excellent suspension system. Since you’ll be using it a lot for practice and also driving it on all kinds of terrain, a strong suspension system will ensure that your bike remains in perfect working condition until you are skilled enough to move on to a professional bike. If there are any problems, you’ll need to get spare parts at Bike Bandit or similar high-quality parts supplier.

Low Center of Gravity

This is an essential feature in a first bike as it minimizes the risk of injury due to falls. Nobody is perfect and your first attempts at riding a bike are likely to create some injuries. A bike with a low centre of gravity is more stable so you can balance it more easily. Also, in case you fall, there’s a much smaller distance between you and the ground.


Your first bike should be a comfortable one. Good ergonomics are essential for bikes that are worthy of long hours of practice. Good ergonomics will ensure that you feel comfortable seated on the bike and can comfortably reach and control the handlebar. Your body shape is unique, so take considerable time to ensure that you purchase the most ergonomically comfortable bike. In order to choose best bike parts, one should consider suzuki parts. These parts help in making your bike more stylish and comfortable.


The same principle that applies to a low centre of gravity works here. A bike that is lightweight will be easier to control for a beginner. Also, if you’ve added some of the Best street bike accessories, you’ll need to control the bike more carefully. Moreover, light bikes consume less fuel, which makes the option cheaper for you in the long run.


When you go to purchase your first bike, make sure it is versatile and can easily manage different types of terrain. You’ll need to practice on all kinds of surfaces to become a reasonably good biker. The Honda CRF250L is a good lightweight as well as versatile bike that is perfect for road as well as off-road practice.

Weather Protection

Weather protection is an absolutely mandatory feature for any first bike. The reason for this is that you will probably outgrow it in a few months and will have to resell it. If your bike comes with good weather protection features, then it will go through less damage and will offer a good resale price. In order to make performance better during the bad weather, it is necessary to use good quality helmets. One should buy big motorcycle helmets in order to avoid catastrophic accidents due to bad weather.


This is a controversial question. While most people swear by their opinion that beginners should practice with a manual bike before moving on to an automatic bike, we choose the more practical option. Automatic bikes are simpler to use and you can always learn to ride a manual bike later on when you are more confident of your biking skills.

Cheap Bikes

This goes without saying. A first bike is not something that stays with you for a lifetime. You’ll probably sell it off in a couple of months. Also, there’s a small chance you’ll learn that riding a bike isn’t exactly your thing. In either case, there’s no need to invest a large amount in buying your first bike. Look for a reasonably priced bike that will offer good value on the reseller’s market.

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