The stress-free guide to selling your car

There comes a time when almost everyone will have to sell their car. Unfortunately, the process isn’t always as easy as we’d like and this can make it more of a hindrance than a help.


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To enjoy a stress-free car selling experience, follow the advice in this fantastic guide.

 Get help

There are a few things you need to do when you want to sell your car. The used motors by AA Cars website is a useful tool for gauging the average price of a similar car to the one you own and this will allow you to sell at a price that isn’t too high or too low. It should also increase the speed with which you are able to pass the car on to its new owner.

Make it road worthy

Ensuring your car has a valid MOT and that it’s in good working order is essential for a stress-free sale. Even making sure you’ve cleaned it thoroughly inside and out will increase the chances of a quick sell and obtaining a good price.

Know your car

Know all of the relevant specifications for your vehicle and list them on the advertisement you place to entice buyers. Any misinformation here may expose your lack of expertise to buyers who’ll try and use it to their advantage by securing a lower purchase price. Know your car in detail and stand your crowd with any tough negotiators looking to find an easy ride.

Let them test drive

It is also useful to allow potential buyers the option of test driving your car. This should make it easier for them to make a quick decision and therefore increase the chances of you avoiding the stress of wondering if your car will ever sell.

If you do offer a test drive to potential buyers make sure you accompany them in the car and ask them to bring documentation (such as their licence) with them to check everything is above board. If they ask if others can accompany them on the test drive then its best to take a cautious approach and perhaps limit the number of additional passengers you allow to go with you.

Prepare for rejection

You are bound to come across car buyers who simply aren’t interested in your vehicle. Don’t take this personally – after all, you’ve decided you don’t want it anymore! As long as you’re asking for a fair price and give as much information to buyers as possible you’re sure to find someone willing to part with their cash. Be patient and don’t be tempted to take less than you’re owed just to make a quick sale.

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