The Best Cars for Students

Although university campuses are fairly self-contained, many students still prefer to have a car available throughout the duration of their studies. For running errands, taking weekend trips, commuting to a part-time job, and driving back home a car can be quite valuable. Yet with rising tuition costs the average student is pressed for cash. When looking for an ideal student car, you’ll want to find a vehicle that’s both practical and affordable. It’s worth taking a little bit of time to research options carefully, looking at running costs and insurance as you compare options. The following are top choices for university students, chosen for their high safety ratings, manoeuvrability, and economic running costs.


Ford Focus

Although the Ford Focus is often associated with commuters and families, its reliability and affordability also make it an excellent pick for students. Used Focuses retain their quality and value well, and are available at a relatively affordable starting price. They rank highly in safety tests; which helps put parents’ minds at ease. The 2010 model offers amenities such as a remote for the door locks, hands-free calling, leather seating, and a fuel efficiency of 35 mpg.


Toyota Prius

Running costs are one of the primary concerns of cash-strapped college students. A hybrid vehicle like the Prius can be a great choice as a result. Its 53 mpg fuel efficiency will save you a bundle at the pump, making it suitable for drives on the weekends to visit friends and family. The Prius C is particularly well-suited to students, with its petite size making it easy to manoeuvre around town and park in the tightest campus spaces on campus. Although there’s not a great deal of cargo space, there are rear-folding seats to help provide room for a suitcase or two.


Hyundai i30

The latest i30 can be a good investment that will take students from their university years well into the workforce. Available in a range of diesel and petrol engines, the running costs are kept low to keep overall costs down. With a high efficiency rating, emissions are reduced significantly. A Hyundai i30 review at mentions the abundance of safety kit, including six airbags and stability control. This high safety rating can help keep insurance costs low for younger drivers.


Nissan Micra

Students on a really tight budget will probably want to stay within the supermini class of cars, which are extremely affordable starter cars. The Nissan Micra may not offer a range of luxury features, but it’s reliable, budget-friendly, and abundant on the used car market. Newer models have improved efficiency, keeping running costs low. Although amenities may be basic, they do include Bluetooth connectivity even at the most basic trim level. For a bit more, you can add on features like air conditioning, cruise control, and sat-nav.


Toyota Kluger

For an individual student, superminis and other smaller hatchbacks are an affordable and practical option. Yet students who have a lot of gear they need to transport for sporting matches or those who carpool with a group of friends might need something more spacious. A crossover SUV like the Toyota Kluger can be a good investment in these circumstances. The latest Toyota Kluger review by Motoring rates this model highly for its spaciousness, comfortable leather seats, and low running costs.


Student needs will vary, which is why it’s best to compare all of the different options available to find the most appropriate and affordable fit.

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