3 New Leading Technologies in the Car Industry

The automotive industry is one that never stands still and is constantly adapting to the changes emerging technology brings with it. It is one of the things that makes it probably the most exciting industry, keeping car lovers on their toes with the next big thing to be unveiled. Here, we will look at 3 of the latest and best ideas around; namely, from mobile car wash software to self-driving vehicles and manufacturers moving into the car-sharing market.

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Mobile Car Wash Software

One idea that is set to revolutionize the car industry for those working within it is mobile car wash software. Built on the cloud, with an innovative integrated POS and marketing system, plus an app, it enables car wash owners to focus on their business more.

Rather than being required to chase customers up or organize staff rotas, owners can instead focus on their larger issues. This clever software does all the rest of it for them, allowing customers to book through the app, manage their staff with online calendars and even build up customer loyalty.

Car wash owners are sure to love the principle of having software manage the day to day tasks, giving them the opportunity.

Self-Driving Vehicles

We are moving even closer to self-driving cars or ‘autonomous driving’, with various car manufacturers showing their interest in the idea and a batch of key products now passing tests in Europe.

Many autonomous systems are already in place in many vehicles, from cruise control to self-parking systems and Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). However, all of these are simply the first steps in the evolution of fully self-driving cars which is just on the horizon for us all.

Waymo has already announced that they will soon have completely autonomous cars and Volkswagen also stated they have plans to launch an all-electric car-sharing service, so this idea is very popular at the moment.

Car Sharing Market

For many of the big players in car manufacturing, the next natural step is to develop modern vehicles for the more modern world. This means adapting to their customers’ needs and recognizing that they may approach transport differently these days.

For a lot of the main manufacturers, this means spotting that many of their usual target demographic are moving away from owning a car of their own. This, then, means moving into the car-sharing market, which will involve them running fleets to rival the likes of Uber.

Major cities are likely to adopt this move relatively quickly thanks to their growing traffic issues, parking problems, and congestion charges all meaning that many people are put off owning their vehicle. So, it makes sense therefore for manufacturers to make a move into the car-sharing arena where they can already see the potential for a growing market.

It is a shrewd move that is likely to only increase in its potential in the coming years, as more and more people move towards becoming passengers in these large cities.

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