Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Motor Oil

Several things need to be considered when making a decision about whether to use synthetic motor oil or conventional one in your car. These factors include rice, durability and concern for the environment.

It is true that both synthetic as well as traditional motor oils have their negative impact on the environment. Conventional motor oil is produced from fossil fuels such as petroleum that adds to the carbon pollution in the environment. However, synthetic motor oils are also made from chemicals that can be as damaging to the environment.


However, some people reason that synthetic motor oils last longer than conventional ones. Hence, within a given time period, one creates less environmental pollution with synthetic motor oils than with conventional ones.

Long Lasting

Secondly, because synthetic motor oils are developed in the lab, they have been developed with certain desirable properties that make them more effective compared with conventional motor oils. For instance, synthetic motor oils can perform well at high temperatures where conventional motor oils would simply decompose.

Synthetic motor oils are also more long lasting than traditional motor oils because of their unique chemical composition. These two factors make it a more convenient choice to go for synthetic motor oils instead of conventional ones.

Cost Factor

However, there is one catch. Conventional motor oils are more pocket-friendly. By some estimates, synthetic motor oils can result in almost double your oil change costs compared with conventional motor oils.

Therefore, if you are thinking about getting an oil change on a budget, then you may be inclined towards going for conventional motor oils rather than synthetic motor oils. Price is not the only cost factor associated with synthetic motor oils.

Another important cost component is the cost of recycling the used oil. It costs more to recycle and reuse synthetic motor oils than it does for conventional motor oils.

Environment and Engine Friendly

Another argument that encourages people to move towards synthetic motor oils is that synthetic motor oils are being made more environment friendly than ever. Modern synthetic motor oils are not as volatile as earlier ones.

This is good for the environment because the molecules do not escape into the atmosphere as readily. This property also makes synthetic motor oils much safer than before. They are also good for your car engine because they allow your engine to produce more horsepower.
However, it is better to consult the auto manufacturer before deciding whether to go for conventional or synthetic motor oils, or simply a blend of the two.

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