Staying Safe Driving Your Quad On The Road

Riding quad bikes can be a lot of fun, but they can also be dangerous, so you need to be careful. If you have a road legal quad bike and will be driving it on the road, there are things you will need to allow you to do this and ride your quad safely. Below is some advice to help you stay safe when driving your quad bike on the road and what you need to ensure you do it legally.


Ensuring Your Quad Bike Is Road Legal

To ride a quad bike on the road, you will need to be at least 17 and have passed your driving test for a car. Your quad bike must also be approved to ride on the road legally, and there are features it will need to be deemed safe, and it must also be taxed and insured.

If your quad bike is over three years old, you will need an MOT. You will need to have a registration plate on the front and back of the vehicle, and you will also need appropriate lights. You will need headlights for when it is dark, brake lights so people can see your stopping, and indicator lights so people can see you are turning. If you are unsure on what to choose from the selection of road legal quad bikes in the UK and you do not know if your quad bike can be driven legally on the road, your local dealer will be able to tell you whether it is road legal or not.

Staying Safe While Driving

You will need to ensure you have the correct safety equipment when riding your quad bike on the road, and although not all of it is a legal requirement, it will help keep you safe. You must wear a suitable helmet, and if your helmet has an open face, you may need some goggles to help protect your eyes. It is also a good idea to wear gloves when riding your quad, which can help protect your hands if you have an accident.

You may not want to wear a full leather suit, but suitable clothing is also a good idea and can help stop you from getting muddy. You will want to wear appropriate boots to protect your feet and lower legs, as this is a common body part to injure in accidents with motorbikes and quad bikes.

Drive To The Conditions Of The Road

Drive To The Conditions Of The Road

You will need to be much more careful driving your quad bike on the road than if you were off-roading. You need to be mindful of other road users and pedestrians and drive your quad bike according to the weather and road conditions. If it is wet, reduce your speed, and you can significantly reduce the chances of having an accident. There is also going to be much more traffic on the road that you will encounter off-road.

Although your machine may be quick and agile, buses and large trucks are not, so drive safely and give other vehicles plenty of space. You can get more information about the legalities of road-legal quad bikes and how to use them safely. There are lots of related articles you can find online that talk about them.

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