Standout Features of the 2013 BMW X1

The BMW X1 was originally launched in 2010, and has been given an upgrade for 2013 to help introduce it to a wider global market. The newest model of this crossover vehicle features a sleeker exterior with new LED headlights. The makeover also extends to the interior cabin and engine, creating a more streamlined effect overall. With the X1, BMW is attempting to appeal to both families and previous SUV owners. It terms its vehicles Sports Activity Vehicles or SAVs rather than SUVs, using two wheel drive and packing a great deal of power into a smaller package. Taking a closer look at the upgraded X1, a variety of standout features are apparent.


Exterior Features

Some of the most obvious changes to the prior models of the BMW X1 model can be seen in its exterior. The plastic of previous models has given way to a classier painted façade, along with the LED headlights and new alloy wheels. The rear is also more prominent in the updated X1. The overall concept leans more towards station wagon than SUV, with a longer and leaner look.

Interior Features

Design changes are also apparent in the interior of the car, with upgraded, glossier materials and a greater focus on the driver’s centre console. The new dashboard is more logically laid out, with full infotainment capabilities. These include USB sockets, Bluetooth, electric windows, rear parking sensors, and full climate control. Some of the changes have been implemented to increase the X1’s cargo space. Although the rear end of the car slopes downward for a sportier look, this is offset with a rear seat that can be inclined at different angles. This allows drivers to handle different combinations of passengers and cargo for different situations.  The rear seats can fold down to the ground if necessary, giving a boot space of up to 1350 litres.

Engine and Handling

Most of the significant changes to the new X1 have been made to the engine, however. The latest model features a higher level of fuel economy than in the past, with reduced consumption and CO2 emissions. All models now come equipped with an “Eco Pro” mode which is capable of adjusting the engine’s responses to maximise vehicle efficiency. With extra throttle control and stronger engine torque, driving the BMW is both efficient and pleasurable. All updated models come with an 8-speed automatic transmission, to allow a greater blend of efficiency and acceleration.

The Verdict

Like many BMW cars at or other leading listings websites, the new X1 comes with a slightly higher price tag than its competitors. However, it provides a wide range of new features and provides lower running costs with its heightened efficiency. With a combination of sporty styling and improved handling, this classy car could be a good fit for families and serious motorists alike.

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