5 Terrifying Secrets About Riding in an Ambulance

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In order to provide an emergency medical care in an accident, ambulance is used. No one will probably have a good encounter with an ambulance. In fact, the ambulances and the crew that work inside, is quite a bit more terrifying than someone can think. Here are some terrifying secrets about riding in an ambulance:

Ambulance Tends to Explode:

Ambulanced do explode.  One of the major reasons for ambulance explosion is the oxygen tanks. The oxygen tanks carried by EMS units detonate and thus results in great explosion. Sometimes, ambulances just burn into flames for no particular reason. According to a research, 600 people are injured in 1500 ambulance accidents every year. 35% of the accidents involve injury or fatality to at least one person of the vehicle involved.

Constantly Changing Procedures:

When a person I bleeding badly, EMTs use belts or ropes to tie off the limb in order to stop the bleeding. Some experts still stand by and some say that they kill off the tissue in the limb. There are studies that show that CPR performed with only chest compression results in 60 percent fewer dead people. The patients are changing also. They are getting fatter. The ambulances should be designed in such a way to accommodate the heavy patients as well.

Abusing The System in Ridiculous Way:

Only 10 percent of the calls are life and death situations about half are in no-way life threatening. One center estimated that they receive about ten calls in an hour that are completely of stupid variety. Even when the car operates decides that the call is of ambulance worth, it is usually because the caller has an ulterior motive.

Crews are Constantly Getting Attacked:

Someone can expect that EMTs are relatively safe when they are dealing with patients but they face a lot of danger. EMTs have been hit with cinder blocks, stabbed by syringes, chased by dogs etc. in Boston, 28 percent of the total EMTs in 2006 were the result of violent assaults.

The Burnout Rate For The Crew is Very High:

EMTs always experience burnout. This is because they are exposed to high level of uncertainty, high interpersonal tension, frequent exposure to human tragedy, a heightened physical response to the sound of an emergency alarm.

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