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Porsche Picks Maria Sharapova As Brand Ambassador

Maria Sharapovam a tennis superstar who born in Russia just signed a 3-year contract with great company, Porsche as a brand ambassador.  It is a position which will be in global promotion as a representator for the German auto company. This contract is not new for here as she signed Land Rover 3-year promotion contract in year2006.

CEO of Porsche AG, known as Matthias Mueller, explained during disclosing car announcement that Maria Sharapova is very well-known athlete. Via stylishness and power, she combined all topmost performance in car. Precisely, these are such qualities which involved in our manufactured sports cars. For Porsche development, her personality is bet fit. She has gained much importance all around the world.

In Stuttgart, car manufacturer are based and Sharapova came back there in Porsche to protect her title i.e. “Tennis Grand Prix”. She won Porsche 911 white color there in previous year and further made mind to achieve “French Open” title. According to research done by famous website:  Edmunds, it is concluded that almost 88 %, men are buyers.

As sponsor of WNT (Women National Team) in Germany, Mathias Muller CEO of Porsche stated that they are involved for longer time in such sports activities as well as globally covering the involvement of tennis of women. By the management, financials situations of contract were not revealed however, her 8 year agreement with Nike was taken into consideration to tune 70 million US dollar. For the tennis star, there is a chance that Porsche will develop new sport car soon and enhance their capabilities.

Several consider selection of female player of tennis by as its interesting representative and not shocking.
Traditionally, auto-vehicles have advertised its cars of huge edger for men. And, different tennis star and sharapova is designated as their ambassador.

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