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Automobile accidents are very common all over the world. The statistics show that motorcycle accidents are more as compared to car accidents because motorcycles are generally more dangerous than cars. They are dangerous due to lack of any protective structure around them. According to motorcycle safety statistics nearly 5000 motorcyclists are killed during each year only in United States. In Portland, many automobile accidents happen each day even it is difficult to count.  If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you need to consult an experienced motorcycle attorney like Portland motorcycle attorney in order to get compensation you need to pay for the damages caused by the accident. They have been standing up for the rights of injured motorcyclists in and around Portland for many years.

Reason of Accidents:

There are thousands of reasons behind any automobile accidents. The major reason is speeding. The higher the speed, the greater will be the chances of losing control. Also use of cell phone distracts the driver’s concentration and thus results in serious injury. Other causes include improper turns, hazardous road conditions, reckless driving, use of alcohol or any drug etc.

How these accidents can be controlled:

Use of Best Rated Vehicles:

Use of best quality cars and motorcycles can reduce the ratio of accidents. Advanced technologies and gadgets not only make your cars more comfortable but also make them more stylish. For example, Mercedes-Bens C300 4Matic is comfortable although it is not very large. The wheelbase measures 111.8 inches which is suitable for the stability of the car during driving. Mercedes GLS is fantastic. It is one of the safest cars in the world. In the same way while choosing any bike make sure that it has all the characteristics of a best and reliable bike.

Other Preventions:

Avoid use of cell phones during driving can reduce this rate a lot. According to a survey about 1.6 million crashes are reported each year due to cell phones. Also one should take proper course before driving. This will help a lot in reducing the accidents. Old cars and bikes should be sell at reasonable costs because worn out parts of the car can be the cause of the severe injury. Even a single crash on the windscreen can make driver uncomfortable and thus the accident can happen.

Common Injury That One Can Suffer From:

The injuries after any car accident are, not doubt, very severe. Common injuries are:

  • Crushed limbs
  • Dislocation of bones
  • Serious laceration
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Internal organ damage
  • Damage to teeth
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Shattered bones in the face

What Should One Do After an Automobile Accident?

Consult an Attorney:

In order to get the compensation for the damage that has been caused by the accident one should consult an injury attorney. Experienced attorneys stand for the rights of their victims. They help to recover each penny and provide their customers maximum financial support. They help to find all witnesses about the case.

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