Parents Find New Ways To Monitor Teen Drivers

Nowadays it’s not about Santa wishing to recognize if children have been nice or naughty, the parents of the teenage drivers actually desire to identify as well.

Figures demonstrate that the teenage drivers are found to be the most terrible drivers. The rates of traffic accident for drivers of 16- to 19-year old are elevated than others which are of other age group; this is stated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The people present in the young ages 15 to 24 symbolize only for 14 % of the population of U.S., however they report for 30 %or 19 billion dollar of the whole costs of injuries of motor vehicle amongst gents and 28 % (7 billion dollar) of the whole costs of injuries of motor vehicle amongst ladies, this is quoted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Luckily, there are many ways for worried parents to maintain tags on young drivers, coming from My Key by Ford Motor Co.’s to Esurance’s latest tele-matics device, Drive-Save, to a diversity of strategies which limit the capability of children to send as well as obtain texts and phone calls too.Possibly, the well-known is technology by Ford’s MyKey, which is known to be standard tools on more than millions nearly 6, Ford and Lincoln cars. MyKey permits parents to organize the radio volume, limit a speed of vehicle to about 80 mph as well as block the incoming calls plus hold text-messages by means of the Sync system.It utilizes the Ford Belt-Minder-with audio mute sounds bells and mute down the radio to repeat teens to clip up. A note on the tool panel is also exhibited: “Clip Up to Un-mute the Radio.”

The Esurance, an insurance company has developed a device called “DriveSafe” which is capable to check the habits of driving of anybody utilizing the vehicle. It fixes on the on-board diagnostics docks on any car created after the year 1996, except for electric and hybrids cars. Following that, the DriveSafe app is downloaded by parents on the Smartphone of the young driver, which permit them to path driving practices by means of Bluetooth plus lock-out definite functions at the same time as the vehicle is moving.

Furthermore, also it can aware parents to dangerous habit such as speeding up too rapidly, driving past blackout, braking very hard, as well as driving very far from the home plus pacing.  is a limitation which is to the system is known to be blocking texts on the Smartphone, iPhones:

no other third person is able to block iPhone function therefore teenagers will yet be capable to receive texts messages on their phones. The Android phones possess no such problems. On the other hand, if they attempt to keep away from break of the other limitations by turning off their smartphones, removing all the Bluetooth connections as well as some other technique, the system drives a warning to the parents

So, these are the ways to monitor the teen drivers.

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