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Greenest Cars on the Market Today

Thanks to the advent of the Internet you can easily compare electricity rates in Texas and at the same time learn about the greenest cars on the market today. This is important if you are thinking about keeping money in your wallet while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint. On the one hand, some of the green vehicles listed here will require that you plug them in at night in your home, which will increase your monthly electricity bill. On the other hand, you will be saving at the pump.


You need to think about what is really important to you and your family in terms of green transportation. If you already drive a well-tuned Toyota Yaris that you purchased at a used car lot and use it as a family car to get everyone to work and school, you are already pretty green in the sense that you are smartly using existing resources. If you are currently driving a large SUV that you drive by yourself to go to the neighborhood pub just a few blocks away, you may want to consider one of the environmentally friendly and stylish cars below.

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Toyota Avalon – Review

Toyota Introduced first new model of Avalon in 1994.The first Avalon launched with some specific features; 3.0 liter 1MZ-FE V6 engine. First Avalon had front bench seat with six passenger seats. Toyota launched different model of Avalon in which one model was XL which was similar to the LE model of Toyota vehicles. First generation Avalon sold in US and also in Japan. First Avalon made in US and after that it had exported to Japan. In 1999 this Toyota Avalon was transferred to Australia. Where  this Avalon was launched as a new model .The model that launched in Australia had feature of both right hand drive and specially made left hand drive for middle east. It showed poor result in Australia and the citizen called it “boring car”


Avalon Overview

The Avalon is a full size, four door sedan car produced by Toyota in US. In 2000 to 2005 it was also produced in Australia after that In 2006 it was replaced by the Toyota Aurion.First Toyota Avalon was assembled on 21 Feb 1994 in Grovetown. Toyota Avalon has different A541 E automatic model   (Avalon CSX, Avalon Sorrento, Avalon GXI ,) with 4 transmission speed.
Models year

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Autos ReviewsDodge

2013 Dodge Dart and introduction to the Viper

Dodge has made a new entry into the economy/family car market, and the arrival is called the Dodge Dart.  Now to tell you the truth, the Dart isn’t exactly a brand new entry into the market.  It is a revival of the Dart from back in the 60’s and 70’s.  Of course I wasn’t born back then, I was born in 1986, so I do not know how that car looked.  However I can tell you that this car looks really good.  If you look at the current Dodge’s, the styling of it is evolving towards the demographics that they are trying to capture. The Dart is no different because it is trying to capture young adults in their twenties many of whom are married and have young kids,  Now the young adults who have families are concerned mostly about fuel economy, roominess and safety.  They are concerned about fuel economy because they’d rather spend their money on their family.  They are concerned about Roominess because they want their family to have as much room in the car to stretch their legs, and finally they are concerned about safety because obviously they don’t want their family to be hurt in the event of a crash.


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CadillacGMLatest Cars

Electric Cadillac? GM Believes So

General Motors with its recent success of the Chevy Volt feels it is time to stretch the market for the electric vehicle. When they announced on Tuesday they were going to introduce a new Cadillac ELR which will be partially generated from the same battery-power that runs the Chevy Volt, it was safe to say much of the automotive industry was quite alarmed. When you think of Cadillac do you not think power, stature, and confidence? When you think of the Chevy Volt (no disrespect) but you think of words that are much more modest, and compliments like innovative, futuristic and efficient. GM intends to add the same electric technology that was ever popular with the Volt into this new Cadillac ELR model.


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Autos ReviewsLatest CarsNissan

U.S.-Assembled 2013 LEAF: A Detailed Review

Faster charging times, improved energy efficiency and greater customer support is what defines the new U.S.-Assembled 2013 LEAF S trim level. Available state and federal helps in bringing down the price of the model further. Nissan has already announced the price of the Nissan LEAF 2013 at an MSRP of $28,800. This is the lowest price ever for a 5 passenger electric vehicle in US. The objective of Nissan was to introduce an affordable electric vehicle for the masses.


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BMWLatest Cars

2014 BMW Z4 – a comprehensive review

The new 2014 BMW Z4 delivers a driving pleasure to its customers that they have always expected form the brand. Offering both comfort and the sporting ability, it is sure to satisfy personal preferences. Choose from three metallic paint colors -Valencia Orange, Glacier Silver and Mineral Grey There are detailed refinements on the interior and some new exterior features. The new Hyper Orange design package provides fresh impetus and greater appeal to 2014 BMW Z4.


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