Opel Astra Sedan 2013 – Review

The cars have been manufacturing on costumers’ demand of sporty look with stylish Luxury sedan car. The Opel manufacturing company has now expanded successfully its Astra model family with an innovative sporty and stylish sedan. The vehicle has featured identical Astra strengths, advanced technology and its well-built quality. The new up-scale and well-designed notchback is reasonably priced alternative for the customers of high choice opt for this kind of vehicle in the mid-size segment.

Well-Priced Vehicle

The Opel Astra Sedan is aced up for the Australian launch of General Motors for European Division. The pricing of Astra starts higher than most of its rivals in the European market reaching at $23,990 for a five-door hatch, sporty stylish sedan. The well-designed three-door Astra GTC equally carries a trendy standard and launches at $28,990. All Astra models are well-equipped, and pricing has been positioned at the standard range, though. Dynamically, the Astra’s unstructured steering is its Achilles heel as the vehicle constantly needs drivers to keep the car straight even on freeways.


Measuring up to the moderate-range Select transports a 132/kW 1.6 litre turbo petrol engine into function as a substitute to the 2.0 liter diesel, costs $4000 more than the diesel engine edition of the base hatch. A variety of extra car accessories, though, including 17” alloy wheels, auto-switched headlamps, automatic wipers, parking sensors at both ends, fog-lamps during weather emergency, higher-quality seat material, unique climate control for driver and front commuter, electric parking brake and leather steering wheel.

The Opel Astra Sport, the top-lined-up of the hatchback, also targets to lead up to its smart name by taking up a lower and solid suspension set-up additional alternative of adaptive shock absorbers for $2000. The interior, despite of the options are built-in, is a step up over conventional Astra chalet. The idea of quality is raised by soft plastics usage for the top of the dash and door edges, smooth textures treated for the center stack buttons, and a generally elegant feel and stylish look to the Astra’s switch-gear. There’s also handy storage, a four-way-bendable steering wheel adds in multi-function buttons, and the spree-computer offers a variety of information and digital Speedo as well.

Identical Astra Features via Notchback Segment and Pinnacle Technology Standards:

With its elegant-sporty design, identical Astra features and a great range of technological highlights, Opel’s innovative compact four-door notch back intents the customers with elevated prospects.  The Advanced Forward Lights (AFL+) amid bi-xenon headlamps and a multitude lighting functions including variable light distribution and high-beam support the enhanced safety.

The modified Flex-Ride chassis mechanism automatically adapts damping to the prevailing driving contexts and provides the driver a variety between three different modes, such as standard mode, the ease-oriented Tour mode and the more reflective Sport mode. Additionally, several infotainment systems make the journey on Astra Sedan even more relaxed and safer. The Navi 900 apex unit significant the routes of more than 30 European countries and a digital travel guide stocked up on an SD card.

Opel CEO Karl-Friedrich Stracke remarked the Astra sedan leads up a chief role in the brand’s expansion strategy and its position as a more affordable preference to larger sedans resolve to provide “significant conquest potential in Western Europe”.

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  1. omar osman Reply

    i wanna buy this car, ,,,anyone could help me regarding data about this new sedan car

    1- Air condition evaluation.
    2- Stability and safety with higher speed
    3- Being polish not German, it is different from Astra manufactured in Germany


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