New Hybrid Cross Coupe by Volkswagen

Among the several popular concept car models that were recently displayed at the 2013 Canadian International Auto Show (2013) in Toronto was the Cross Coupe by Volkswagen.

The Cross Coupe was launched as the latest hybrid-diesel car from the leading European auto manufacturer. It was claimed that the Cross Coupe was capable of delivering excellent performance and fuel efficiency simultaneously.


Cross Coupe Engine Types

The Cross Coupe is powered by a turbo diesel direct injection engine (TDI). The diesel engine is a 140 kilowatt engine. In addition to a diesel engine, the car is also powered by two electric motors, one installed in the front and the other in the rear.Compared to the diesel engine, the electric engines do not produce as much power and only have a rating of 40 kilowatt for the front motor and 85 kilowatt for the one at the back.

This brings the fuel consumption as combined to 1.8 liters for every 100 kilometers travelled. When traveling at this rate, it can be expected that the Cross Coupe would produce 46 g of CO2 emissions per kilometer.

Driving Modes

In addition to running in pure diesel mode or hybrid mode, the Cross Coupe can also be run in electric mode completely. When run in this mode, the car is capable of reaching to speeds of up to 120 kilometers an hour. In pure electric mode, the Cross Coupe is capable of covering a distance of 28 miles.

These features make the Cross Coupe a highly efficient car since it reduces fuel consumption and also discharges fewer pollutants into the atmosphere. The maximum speed of 120 kilometers in pure electric mode is also reasonable considering other models in the same category.


Power and Efficiency of New Hybrid

For any hybrid model, having a good battery is very important. The Cross Coupe thankfully comes with an eight module battery that is installed in the center tunnel. This battery is capable of generating 9.8 kilowatt-hours of energy to run the car.
The Cross Coupe can seat four people. The driver may choose to drive it as a front-wheeler or a rear-wheeler. The Cross Coupe is also capable of being driven as a four wheel vehicle. While the diesel engine and the front motor power the front wheels in all types of drive modes, the rear wheels can only be powered by the rear electric motor.
The Cross Coupe has a unique design in that its wheelbase is sufficiently longer in proportion to the length of the entire car.

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