Most Important Rules to Avoid Car Accidents

Every day you hear the news that some accident happend at home, at work or while driving etc. Most of these accidents cab easily be avoided with the use of common sense and with your active sense of awareness of your surroundings.
Now we try to understand how to prevent  from a car accident or to avoid someone hitting you on road.

Follow Traffic Rules

Accidents can be reduced simply by following traffic rules and regulation. These rules are very simple and must be obeyed. The driver must possess their valid driving license. Traffic violators also dangerous  for pedestrians and motorcyclists. In order to reduce road accidents, drivers should obey traffic rules at all times and at any cost.

Check Car Condition

Car failure is also a major cause of the accident. You should always make sure that your car is in good condition, for instance check its brakes, Lights for night traveling and engine condition etc.

Use of Mobile Phone & Seat belts

Many accidents that occur while driving are caused by drivers’ mistake such as calling or text messaging  on a mobile phone during driving and/or not wearing a seat belt. Car drivers must wear their seat belts because the seat belt holds the driver in place and prevents them from colliding. You can avoid the chance of an accident by fasten your seat belts and use headphone for mobile phone only if it is of utmost urgent.

Avoid eating & drinking

Another safety precaution for driving is to avoid eating and drinking while driving. If you want to eat or drink something then it is better to stop the car or to park it on the safe place. Moreover, never drive after you have had alcoholic drink, so it is recommended for you to wait for 2 hours if you drunk.

Avoid driving in bad weather

Always plan your long trip in good weather and try to avoid driving when going in the rain or snow. Turn on your headlights to see others. If possible, try to avoid driving in snow at all. If you must, then drive extremely slow, maintain distance from your above car and use the brakes gently.
I hope by using these simple precautions, one must be safe up to some extend. Road accident also causes problem for others too. So it  is always better to drive safely and you that, slow and steady wins the race.

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